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expenditure to proceed with the execution of such plan, and to fill up the Blank Cheque for the whole expense incurred.'


Before I could say another word the door burst open, and a whole army of boys tumbled into the room, headed by little Harry, the pet of the family, who hugged in his arms the much-enduring parlour-cat, which, as he eagerly explained in his broken English, he had been trying to teach to stand on one leg. 'Harry-Parry Ridy-Pidy Coachy-Poachy!' said the fond mother, as she lifted the little fellow to her knee and treated him to a jog-trot. 'Harry's very fond of Pussy, he is, but he mustn't tease it, he mustn't! Now go and play on the stairs, there's dear children! Mr. De Ciel and I want to have a quiet talk.' And the boys tumbled out of the room again, as eagerly as they had tumbled in, shouting 'Let's have a Chase in the Hall!'

'A good set of Heads, are they not, Mr. De Ciel?' my friend continued, with a wave of her fat hand towards the retreating army. 'Phrenologists admire them much. Look at little Sam, there. He's one of the latest arrivals, you