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So now, wherever Susan chooses to take us, there we go!' ('There we go! There we go!' echoed her husband in a dismal sort of chant, rocking himself backwards and forwards in his chair.) 'You've no idea what a comfort it is to feel that the whole thing's in Susan's hands!'

'Go where Susan takes thee,' I remarked, with a vague idea that I was quoting an old song. 'Well, no doubt Susan has very correct taste, and all that—but still, if I might advise, I wouldn't leave all to her. She may need a little check——'

'That's the very word, dear Mr. De Ciel!' cried my old friend, clapping her hands. 'And that's the very thing we've done, isn't it, John?' ('The very thing we've done,' echoed John.) 'I made him do it only this morning. He has signed her a Blank Cheque, so that she can go to any cost she likes. It's such a comfort to get things settled and off one's hands, you know! John's been grumbling about it ever since, but now that I can tell him it's your advice——'

'But, my dear Madam,' I exclaimed, 'I don't mean cheque with a "Q"!'

"——your advice,' repeated Mrs. N., not heeding my interruption,' why, of course he'll see the