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J. B. Buckstone.

known to the present generation of playgoers. Mr. Webster took this theatre in 1837, and Mr. Buckstone went there with him, and, we believe, played there until he became lessee himself. As all our readers know, he is to be found there still, where every lover of good acting and a good laugh hopes he will long remain. Among his best impersonations, Box in 'Box and Cox,' Touchstone, Marplot, and Tony Lumpkin may be mentioned; and his most successful dramas are the famous 'Green Bushes,' 'Flowers of the Forest,' and 'The Rough Diamond.' How often his fun and rich drollery have set the house in a roar every playgoer knows. His impersonations are marked by originality of conception; but his strong personality always shines through all, to the delight of all his admirers. On the whole, the modern stage has every reason to be proud of Mr. Buckstone.