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N. Y., American Book Co., 1898 $1
The author has endeavored to introduce at every possible point a description of the practical problems involved and the solutions proposed for them, and to inculcate in every way the moral obligations of good citizenship.
Bost., Heath & Co., 1893 $2
Treats of institutional history and administration, and elements of historical and practical politics.
N. Y., Century Co., 1898 $1.25
These essays and addresses gathered in this volume have been called out by public events during the past four years. They were adapted for special occasions, or to meet special questions.
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1897 $1.25
The experience of a college bred man who, for two years, earned his living as an unskilled laborer in order to find out for himself the actual condition of the American workingman.
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1899 $1.50
These papers get right down to life as no previous study of this kind has done. It is a contribution to the study of humanity.