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Bost., Roberts Bros., 1893 $1
This little book, now revised and sent out with some slight additions, remains substantially the same as when first issued in 1880.
N. Y., Putnam's Sons, 1897 $1.50
A course of lectures in the school of economics of the university of Wisconsin.
Chic., Hotel World, 1895 $1.50
It should be indispensable to the great army of women scattered all over this broad land who are just now beginning to study the science of foods.—Juliet Corson.
N. Y., Harper & Bros., n. d. $1
A fresh contribution to the literature of the dining room and kitchen, with many original suggestions.
Chic., McClurg, 1896 $1.50
Dr. Hoy has given thirty years of study to the subject of foods and drinks. His conclusions are impartial, and his reasoning lucid.
Chic., McClurg & Co., 1897 75c
The book is practical, sensible, excellent, in every way.
Chic., McClurg & Co., 1891 ———
A book both instructive and entertaining, with many valuable recipes.
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1888 $1
The story tells not only of a girl’s success in gaining a living, but in building up a permanent business.
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1896 $1
The success of “Ten dollars enough,” as it appeared serially in “Good House-keeping,” and the numerous letters received by the editor of that magazine asking for it in more convenient form, has led to the present publication.