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Chic., Griggs & Co., 1892 $2
This book has fourteen chapters which treat in a general though positive manner of literature, oratory, etc.
N. Y., Crowell & Co., 1892 $1 and $1.25
This book is sent out in the hope that it may be helpful to some, first in showing glimpses of better things and then in leading towards them.
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1892 75c
"Dream Life" passes successively in review the dreams of fond boyhood, the delicious hopes of sparkling-blooded youth and manhood's dreams of sober trustfulness.
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1892 75c
A book filled with earnest and tender feeling, and beautiful reflections.
Il.N. Y., Webster & Co., 1892 60c. and 75c
A delineation of country scenery and country manners, as they exist in a small village in the south of England.
Phila., Lippincott, 1892 $1.50
From this older wine of thought we have drawn to the extent that space permitted.
1892 $1.50
Extracts from the best authors, intended for the general reader. A biographical sketch precedes the writings of each author.
N. Y., Scribner's Sons, 1900 $1.50
The object of writing these stories was to follow Shakespeare into his dealings with history which no other similar work has done.
N. Y., Putnam's Sons, 1897 $1.50
Contents: American ideals; true Americanism; manly virtues and practical politics; college graduates and public life, etc.
Bost., J. Knight, 1892 $1.50
Three lectures on books and their uses, the education and influence of women, and the mystery of life and its arts.