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Full Page Illustrations in Volume I

Frontispiece in Colour PAGE
The Cathedral, Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) 2
Abbeys: Muckross, Downside, and Fountains 14
Facsimile Title Page History of the Dominicans in the Philippines 160
The Ruins of Timgad 190
Ruins of Forum, Tribune, Capitol, and Great Basilica, Timgad 192
Alaska 250
University of Alealà 270
High Altar, Certosa of Pavia 346
The Pala D'Oro, Milan 388
Polyglot Psalter, Genoa (A.D. 1516) 412
Letter of Alexander VI to Bernard Boil, O.S.B 414
American College, Rome 422
Cathedral of Notre Dame, Amiens 430
The Ancren Riwle 464
Door of the Baptistery, Florence 470
The Bewcastle Cross 508
Anglo-Saxon Crosses 510
Cathedral of St. Peter, Angoulème 512
Facsimile page from Antiphonary of St. Gregory 578
Cathedral of Notre Dame, Antwerp 588
Sant'Apollinare, Ravenna 616
Christ amid His Apostles 626
Facsimile pages from the Book of Armagh 734
The Nativity, Ascension, and Glorification, with Zodiacal signs 766


Durham Cathedral and Abbey 11
Africa 180
Alaska 248
Western Hemisphere 408
""(areas of discovery) 410
Asia Minor 780
Western Asia Minor 784