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BRAUN, JOSEPH, S.J., St. Ic.natius College, Valkenuuku, Holland: Pallium; Pectorale. -

BRAlXSnEHGER, OTTO, S.J., St. Ignatius Col- lege, A'alkenbuuo, Holland: Peter Canisius, Blessed.

BRfiHIER, LOUIS-RENfi, Professor op Ancient AND Medieval History, University of Clermont-Ferhand, Pi'y-dk-Dome, France: Nogaret, Guillauine dc; Pnlirofjntphy; Pastou- roaux, Crusade of the; Peter do Blois; Peter the Hermit.

BREXNAX, M. H., Devil's Lake, North Dakota: North Dakota.

BRIDGE, JAMES, S.J., M.A. (Oxon.), Liverpool, England: Xorris, Sylvester; Persecution.

BROWN, CHARLES FRANCIS WEMYSS, Locn- ton Castle, Perthshire, Scotland: Perugia, University of.

BRUCKER, JOSEPH, S.J., Editor op "Etudes", Paris: Parrenin, Dominique.

BRUNAULT, J. S. HERMANN, S.T.D., Bishop of Nicolet, Province op Quebec, Canada: Nicolet, Diocese of.

BRUXET, FRANCIS XAVIER, Vice-Chancellor, Archdiocese of Ottawa, Canada: Ottawa, Archdiocese of.

BLTITON, EDWIN, S.T.D., F.R.Hist.Soc, Vice- President, St. Edmund's College, Ware, England: Nicholson, Francis; Noble, Daniel; Northcotc, James Spencer; Norwich, Ancient Diocese of ; Odo, Saint, Archbishop of Canter- burjs Ofifa, King of Mercia; Old Hall (St. Ed- mund's College); Oldham, Hugh; Palmer, Wil- liam; Pandulph; Panzani, Gregorio; Paulinus, Saint, Archbishop of York; Pecock, Reginald; Penal Laws, I. In England, II. In Scotland; Pendleton, Henry; Peyto, William.

BYRNE, JEROME FRANCIS, Superior General, Brothers of St. Patrick, Tullow, Ireland: Patrician Brothers. CABROL, FERNAND, O.S.B., Abbot op St. Michael's, Farnborough, England: Nocturns; None; Occurrence; Octavarium Romanum; Oc- tave; Office, Divine; Office of the Dead; Pax in the Liturgy. CALfeS, JEAN, S.J., Professor of Old Testament Exegesis, Enghien, Belgium: Osee. CALLAN, CHARLES J., O.P., S.T.L., Professor OF Philosophy', Dominican House op Stud- ies, Washington: Orthodoxy. CAMERLYNCK, ACHILLE, S.T.D., Member op the"Soci£T6 Belge de Sociologie", Professor OF Sacred Scripture and Sociology, Episco- pal Seminary-, Bruges, Belgium: Philemon. CARROLL, JAMES J., S.T.D., Bishop of Nueva Segovia, Philippine Islands: Nueva Segovia, Diocese of. CASTETS, J., S.J., Professor of Philosophy and Political Science, St. Joseph's College, Trichinopoly, India: Nobili, Robert de'. CHAPMAN, JOHN, O.S.B., B.A. (Oxon.), Prior, St. Thomas's Abbey, Erdington, Birmingham, England: Novatian and Novatianism; Optatus, Saint; Papias, Saint; Patrology; Paul of Samo- sata; Peregrinus. CHISHOLM, JOSEPH ANDREW, K.C, M.A., LL.B., Halifax, Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia. CLUGNET, JOSEPH-LfiON-TIBURCE, Litt.L., Bourg-la-Reine, Seine, France: Ouen, Saint; Perpetuus, Saint. CONWAY, KATHERINE ELEANOR, Boston: O'Reilly, John Boyle. COSSIO, ALUIGI, S.T.D., S.S.D., J.U.D., Bacca- laureus and Licentiatus of the University OF Padua, Rome: Paulinus II, Saint, Patriarch of Aquileia. CRAM, RALPH ADAMS, F.R.G.S., F.Am.Inst. Architects, President, Bo.ston Society of Architects, Boston: Niche; Palladio, Andrea. CRATIN, SISTER M. MAGDALEN, Baltimore, Maryland: Oblate Sisters of Providence. CRIVELLI, CAMILLUS, S.J., Professor op Gen- eral History, In.stituto CiENTfFico, City of Mexico: Periodical Literature, Catholic, Mexico. CROFT, Mgr. WILLIAM PROVOST, P.A., V.G., DiocESE OF Nottingham, Lincoln, England: Nottingham, Diocese of. CROFTON, K., New York: Parahyba, Diocese of. CRONIN, Mgr. CHARLES JOHN, S.T.D., Vice- Rector, English College, Rome: Petitions to the Holy See. CROW, FREDERICK AIDAN CANON, O.S.B., Llanishen, Cardiff, Wales: Newport, Diocese of. CUTHBERT, FATHER, O.S.F.C, Crawley, Sus- sex, England: Persico, Ignatius. D' ALTON, E. a., LL.D., M.R.I.A., Athenry, Ire- land: C'Connell, Daniel; O'Fihel}', Maurice; O'Hanlon, John; O'Neill, Hugh; O'Neill, Owen Roe; O'Reilly, Edmund; Ossory, Diocese of; O'SulIivan Beare, Philip; Penal Laws, III. In Ireland. DALY, JOSEPH J., S.J., Professor of English Literature, Ateneo de Manila, Philippine Islands: Nueva Cdccres, Diocese of. DEASY, JOHN A., M.A., LL.B., Cincinnati, Ohio: Ohio. DEDIEU, JOSEPH, LiTT.D., Institut Catholique, Toulouse, France: Peter of Auvergne; Peters- sen, Gerlac. DEGERT, ANTOINE, Litt.D., Editor, "La Revue de la Gascoigne", Professor of Latin Literature, Institut Catholique, France: Nicolas, Auguste; Noailles, Louis-Antoine de; Nonnotte, Claude-Adrien; Ossat, Arnaud d'. DELAMARRE, LOUIS N., Ph.D., Instructor in French, College op the City of New York: Nic6ron, Jean-Pierre; Paris, Alexis-Paulin; Paris, Gaston-Bruno-Paulin; Perrault, Charles. DELANY, JOSEPH, S.T.D., New York: Obedience; Occasions of Sin; Omission; Parents; Perjury. DEVINE, ARTHUR, C.P., St. Paul's Retreat, Mount Argus, Dublin: Passionists; Passionist Nuns; Passions; Paul of the Cross, Saint; Per- fection, Christian and Religious. DE WULF, MAURICE, Member of the Belgian Academy, Professor of Logic and Esthetics, University' op Loua'ain: Nominalism, Realism, Conceptualism.