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SLOANE, CHARLES WILLIAM, New York: Arizona; Masses, Bequests for.

SPILLANE, EDWARD P., S.J., Associate Editor, "America", New York: Crawford, Francis Marion.

STEELE, GERTRUDE DANA, New York: Colombière, Claude de la. Venerable; Gracián, Baltasar.

TAYLOR, A.W., B.A. (Worc. Col., Oxford), Hove, Sussex, England; Aarhus, Ancient See of; Bergen, Ancient See of; Borglum, Ancient See of; Hamar, Ancient See of; Linköping, Ancient See of; Odense, Ancient See of; Oslo, Ancient See of; Ratzeburg, Ancient See of; Ribe, Ancient See of; Roskilde, Ancient See of; Skara, Ancient See of; Stavanger, Ancient See of; Strengnäs, Ancient See of; Vexiö, Ancient See of; Viborg, Ancient See of.

THIRION, J., S.J., LouvAiN : Plateau, Joseph-Antoine.

THURSTON, HERBERT, S.J., London: Basilica; Cistercians in the British Isles; Herbert of Lea, Lady Elizabeth. • Deceased.

TURNER, WILLIAM, B.A., S.T.D., Professor OF Logic and the History of Philosophy, Catholic University of America: Adclard of Bath.

VERMEESCH, ARTHUR, S.J., LL.D., Doctor of Social and Political Sciences, Professor OF Moral Theology and Canon Law, Lou- vain: Descl^e, Henri.

WEBER, N.A., S.M., S.T.D., Professor of Church History, Marist College, Washington: lUuminati; Pectorius of Autun.

WOYW^OD, STANISLAUS, O.F.M., Lector Gen- eral of Moral Theology and Canon Law, Professor of Canon Law, Franciscan Mon- astery, Paterson, New Jersey: Baptista Varani, Blessed.

WYNNE, JOHN J., S.J., New York: Ballerini, Antonio ; Breviary, Roman, Reform of the.

YZENDOORN, REGINALD JOHN A., SS.CC, Honolulu, Hawaii: Bachelot, Alexis-John- Augustine.