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statistics for the past year show the spiritual lishment of the see had been premature and made progress of this mission; conversion of heretics and an unsuccessful effort to have it suppressed. How- schSmatics 5; catechumens 2,870, baptisms of adult ever a few years later (1893), he was transferred catechumens 1,017, of adult pagans in the hospitals and the see was allowed to remain vacant for sev- or at the point of death, 114; of children of Chris- eral years, its affairs being managed by Veiy Rev. tian parents, 707, of infidels, in danger of death, Hugh Cummiskey, administrator. 3,817; confirmation, 1,605; confessions of devotion In 1897, on 24 February, a second bishop. Rev. 70,656, annual, 11,029; communions of devotion, Thomas M. Lenihan was consecrated and during 193,926, annual, 10,395; extreme unctions, 253, the few years of his administration the new diocese marriages 177, men and boys making retreats, d01» made rapid progress and the state law, taxing prop- women and girls, 630. erty used for religious and educational purposes, Chelsmo (German, Culm), Diocmb of (Cul- "^^ repealed largely through his efforts. Bishop mensib; cf. C. E., IV-566b), in the regency of Lenihan died 15 December, 1901, and his successor Marienwerder, Poland, suffragan of Gniezno. The R*« ^^^' James J. Keane, D. D., was named bishop official residence was at Lobau, but since 1824 the on 10 June, 1902. Feeling that Wyoming was still bishop resides at Pelplin. The see is at present but a missionary field he put every effort into the (1922) filled by Rt. Rev. Augustin Rosentreter, epreading of the Faith, building new churches, ap- bom in the diocese in 1844, or^ined in 1870, and peahng to Catholics in more prosperous parts of appointed 23 February, 1899. He is assisted by an the country for money to carry on his work, and auxiliary, Rt. Rev. John Klunder. Appointed finaUy succeeding m estabhshuuf a fund which has titular Bishop of Selymbria, 6 July, 1907. The o^en of permanent benefit m furthering the cause cathedral is at Pelplin, as well as a theological of religion throughout the diocese. He waa also seminary which, in 1909, had 95 students and one responsible for the building of the new cathedral boarding house for collegians. The diocese is of Cheyenne, which was dedicated on 31 January, dividedinto 26 deaneries; the 1920 statistics credit 1^09, and the new bishop's residence. Op. 11 August, it with 267 parishes, 36 fiUal parishes, 602 secular l^H, Bishop Keane was promoted to the archiepis- priests of whom 279 are pastors, 835,585 Catholics, copal see of Dubuque, and Rt. Rev. Patrick A. Mo-

•and 716,863 non-Catholics. There are no religious Govern, the present bishop, was appomted to the orders of men in the diocese, but there are four Diocese of Cheyenne on 19 January, 1912, being congregations of women distributed through 21 consecrated 11 April of the same year.

^religious houses. The following statistics for 1921 show the rapid

niiMf^H^Ati r«»^r !?..«,.«.» ^„KK«;-f u -♦ xr^r. growth of this diocese : it now comprises a Catholic Caesteiton, Cecil Edward, publicwt, b at Ken- population of 23,661; secular prie^ 19, religious

f^'^^:uE^^lL^Jt^V.^:!^^ i ^ ^n^7;churches> including & mission chu^^^^

writer, Gilbert Keith Chestert^. After studjdng ^ents irl Catholic schools 606; baptisiis; infants,

at St. Paul's School he entered the journalistic ^«n, -.j,,Uj- r^nnvprte^ 104

field in which he soon made his mark. His sympathy ^^' *^^^ ^converts; 104.

with the oppressed classes led him into the Socialist Ohispas, Diogbbb of (db Chiapa; cf. C. E., camp and ne became a member of the Executive of III-652b), in the state of the same name, in Mexico, the Fabian Society. However, he was received into suffragan of Antequera, with residence at San Cris- the Church in 1912, and subsequently as editor of tobal las Casas. Rt. Rev. Maximino Ruiz: ap- the '^Eye- Witness and of its successor 'The New pointed to this see 8 July. 1913, was transferred Witness," he was associated with his brother and 8 March, 1920, and succeeded by the present in- Hilaire Belloc in an exposure of the corruption of cumbent, Rt. Rev. Gerardo Avaya y Dies de British politicians. In 1917 he married Miss Ada Bonilla, b. in Tepetpan 1881, appointed 8 March, £. Jones ("John K. Prothero"). The previous year 1920. By 1922 statistics this oiocese comprises he had volimteered as a private in the Highland 32 parishes^ 21 secular priests, 6 Brothers, 2 col- Light Infantry for service on the Continent; shortly leges for men with 9 professors and 110 students, after the Armistice he was carried off by a brief 2 for ^rls with 12 professors and 115 students. Four illness resulting from exposure in the trenches, societies are organised among the laity. Among his writings are: "The Prussian hath said fTm«,«i-« rk,^,—- «- ^n, .».»«n.T»<.. ^ n t? in hi? Heart," '^arty and People," and "Nell n?^^^\n^ f^ nr^inl^^^^ "^iS'}.^ Gwynne." His "History of the United States," ffi5^??L^« n^ r?nnl Rt P.^^ written after a visit to that country during the &:^™S?*^^ 9^""?^^^^

War, but published after his death, though ^tten ^^li'^'lJ^Pfi^^,^^^^ ^f^K ?q^7^^^h Pf 'p^

with brilliancy and charm was receivwi in the prompted to Vercelh, 22 March, 1917, and Rt. Rev.

United States L an essay written by an Englishman fc*^l? J^'h^^ bT hF^^t^^iZ'^lf?^'. primarily for Englishmen. f\^^ f^,^^5Sj, \l "^0^^^^'^^ JT^l

Cheyenne, Diocese OF (Chbtbnnbnsis; cf. C. E., Fathers of Cottolengo. The present incumbent III-651c), comprises the State of Wyoming and (1922), Rt. Rev. Amedeo Casabona, was then ap- all the territory of Yellowstone Park, an area of pointed, 3 November, 1917.

101,262 sq. miles. The first Mass recorded in this During the World War thirty-nine clerics in territory was celebrated by the Rev. Peter J. De minor orders, and sixty-one priests from this dio- Sme^ S. J., on 5 July, 1840, and on 9 August, 1887, cese, entered the arm^. Of this number eleven the district was erected into the Diocese of Chey- were officers, eight military chaplains, five were enne. Rev. Maurice F. Burke of Chicago, being killed, three wounded and six decorated. The appointed bishop. At this time the diocese had a clei^ at home were active in all patriotic works, Catholic population of about 4,500 and about 300 tracing men in the service and those missing, as- more at the Indian Mission, only 5 secular priests sisting refugees, etc. By 1922 statistics this diocese and 1 religious and 8 churches, 1 hospital, 1 comprises 144 parishes, 3 convents of men, 275 academy and 2 parochial schools. The new bishop, secular priests, 1 seminary, 80 seminarians, 5 sec- ^ftcr studying conditions decided that the estab- ondaty schools for boys, 10 for girls and 1 pro-