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b. 19 August, 1768, St. Mary's County, Md., of the Eastern portion of the Northwest Territory. Ck>l. Ignatius Fenwick and Sarah Taney; d. at The ceremony of consecration was performed by Wooeter, Ohio, 26 September, 1832. The work Bishop Flaset 13 January, 1822, m St. Roee'ii of the exiled English Dominicans at their College Churcn. The new prelate took up his residence of the Holy Cross, Bomheim, Belgium, whither in the course of the year in Cincinnati at the he went for his humanities in the fall of 1784, comer of Ludlow and Lawrence streets in a little inspired yoimg Fenwick with the idea of founding dwelling which had to serve for some time in the a similar institute in his beloved Maryland. With double capacity of an episcopal palace and a houst this object in mind he took the habit of the of worship. After the withdrawal of the city ordi- Friar Preachers 4 September. 1788, and became a nance forbidding the erection of Catholic churches professed religious 26 March, 1790. Though he within the corporate limits of Cincinnati, the cathe- never wavered a moment in lus lofty design, more dral, a bam-like frame building on the outskirts than ten years elapsed since his ordination, 23 of the town, was put on rollers and hauled to February, 1793, before the obstacles to his project the site now occupied by the College of St. Francis had yielded siifficiently to allow of his return to Xavier. This sorry makeshift had to be borne America. On his arrival there in November, 1804, with until the bimop, having borrowed money with Fr. Angier, O.P., one of the three companions enough to cany him to Europe in search of aid, he had secured for the enterprise. Bishop Carroll returned with generous donations from the reigning succeeded in persuading him that Kentucky, with Pontiff, Leo JQI, and the Fi'ench nobility. With its several thousand Catholics and its lone mia- the fund thus raised he bought the property on sionary, Fr. Badin, was in more desperate need Sycamore Street now occupied by the Cnurch of of his services than Maryland. October, 1805, saw St. Francis Xavier: ther (19 May, 1825), he laid the arrival of the coveted decree of Pius VII ap- the cornerstone of the old St. ret^s Cathedral pointing Bishop Carroll delegate Apostolic to es- and dedicated it 17 December, 1826. In the sprinjs tablish a Dominican Province ansn^here in his of 1829 the AthensBum, dedicated to St. Irancis diocese. With it came the letters patent of the Xavier, opened with four theological and six pre- Dominican superior general. Most Kev. Pius J. paratorv students. From the printing-press with Gaddi, designating Fenwick as head of the Province which the bishop had been presented by a European of St. Joseph directly it was founded. Fathers benefactor, came the first edition (Octob^, 1831), Wibon and Tuite, the two other members of of "The Catholic Telegraph," one of the oldest the little band who had meanwhile landed, were Catholic papers in the country, immediately hurried to the field of their future But these monuments of Bishop* Fenwick's in- labors. Delay in the sale of lus Maryland estate dustry in his episcopal city form a very small kept Fenwick from joining his confreres till June, portion of the efforts he made for the wdfare of 1806. The proceeds of the sale were presently his diocese. His territory extended from the Ohio sunk in the property now known as "St. Rose's to the Lakes. To look after his scattered flock Farm," near Sprmgfield, Ky., in the heart of the he traveled to the most distant sections on horse- Catholic settlement along Cartwright Oreek. The back, by boat or afoot. During the last two years convent and church of St. Rose and St. Thomas of his life, in spite of continued ill-health, the College were erected as quickly as the straitened saintly man must have journeyed over 6000 miles circumstances of the Friars and their parishioners in this way, and a third of that distance was cov- would permit. The time that could be spared from ered in the lajst three months of his earthljr sojourn, his duties as superior at St. Rose IV. Fenwick spent While returning from a last pastoral visit to the in the saddle, visiting the scattered families and North he was stricken with the cholera then ravag- distant settlements tlmt saw a priest only at rare ing his diocese and died unattended. The remains intervals. From the day that the burdens of were broi^t to Cincinnati, 11 February, 1833, superior were shifted to Fr. Wilson's able shoulders and laid in the old cathedral, from which they the zealous Dominican devoted himself exclusively were transferred to the new cathedral in 1846. dk to the missions, traversing Kentucky on horse- 23 March, 1916, the^ were again moved to the back in every direction. He even ventured into beautiful mausoleum m St. Joseph's cemetery, Price the fastnesses of the infant State of Ohio, to which. Hill, in which a compartment is reserved for the touched by the constant pleading of the settlers bishops of the diocese.

for a priest, he made semi-annual trips, seemingly, .^'Pv^"?- ^fjiuS*^^ ^•*- B<^*iJ>ommiePmvriek,o,P,

from 1808-16. In 1816. the ordimiSon of foS i^ef f^'oli^^i^tSrrisW)."^^ ^•"•* '•^""^' ^ Domimcans at St. Rose enabled him to leave the w^,.^**^^ t%^ /,,_ * ^ « 

Kentucky missions, in which he had become such ^»««n^ Dioctsb op (FrarorTiNBNBis; cf. C. E.,

a familiar and weU-loved figure, and to give his X^"^?'*? u-PIPY^^S? °X ?®?®' Central Italy,

8omer»Bt,*"Ohio, on land 'donkte? for the pureose ^ appomted 19 April, 1897, succeeding' Mw by the pious frontiersman, Jacob Dittoe, a pnmi- J*f?i?*H' ^?iSSfi .It^ ^ *^ ^H ^^cese (1920 tive log-cabin and a crude church dedicated to statistics) 45/K)0 Cathohw; 19 parishes, 68 secular St. Joseph were built. Making this his headquar- SS^ .? regular cleipr, 55 seminanans, 9 Brothers, ters. Fenwick began the arduous campaign for ^ «^^"' ^ churches or chapels. Christ that has won him the ^11-merited title Fermo, Abchmocesb of (I^bcanknbis' cf C E., oi^poetle of Ohio. Vn-43d), in the province of Ascoli-Piceno, Central

TTie rapidly develppmg State soon reqmred the Italy. The see is filled by Most Rev. Carlo Ca*

Siidance of an ordmary. At the suggestion of telli, b. 20 March, 1863, in the Diocese of Mihin, ishop Flaget of Bardstown, Pius VII erected the ordained in November, 1885, vicar forane and rector promifflM city of Cincinnati mto an episcopal see of Busto-Arsisio; appointed Bishop of Bobbio, 14 by the "BuU Inter Multiphces" (19 June, 1821). November, 1904; promoted 10 July, 1906, to the

  • V. Fenwick failed to escape the honor of being Archdiocese of Fermo, proclaimed 6 December fol-

• .} 4°™?P,i •J,^.®.^™® t^n^^X.^ aP: lowing, succeeding Mgr. Pipiri, deceased. The dio- pointed Apostolic Admimstrator of Michigan and cese numbered (1920) 200j000 Catholics* 147