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1916. The Prefect Apostolic, Mgr. Joseph Crimont, Mgr. Ernesto Cozzi was the first Apostolic Delegate. 8. J., became the first Vicar Apostolic and was In 1921, following much political and religious ani- consecrated titular bishop of Ammedara, 25 July, mosity, Albania's complete separation from the

1917. There are at present (1920) 20 Jesuit Fathers Greek Church took place. This final excision of and 10 coadjutor Jesuit brothers, 20 stations with the Albanians from religious connection with the chapels, 17 churches with resident priests; 17 Sis- Greek Patriarchate was accomplished by Fan Roli, ters of Charity of Providence from Montreal, 26 who won much prestige as president of Albania's Sisters of St. Anne of Sachine and 8 Ursulines. delegation to the League of Nations.

The total population is about 72,000, of which 12,000 Govern MENT.—The foundations of the present

are Cathohcs, about one-half of these being natives. Government were laid by the Convention of Lusnia,

The total number of children in Catholic institu- January, 1920, when it was decided that the govem-

tions is 1,000. mental authprity should be lodged in three distinct

Alatri I-251a)

subject to the Holy See. In 1909 Bishop Bevilacqua ll^cuU^r^i^^^tl^^^^^^^^ '^^^

S^riS^lf.%^^^ i°.^,^?P^.%.l? end body ^ the Council of MinSers, or Cabinet,


i^ ♦!.« ri;,^««« ^* ir;<^<,^iA iqtq k« ^^Lt^a oo ,,;«« wields tne executive power, subject to the dictates

m the diocese oi riesole, 1878, ne served as vice- _f Pofii'd »««*»♦ t^nA 4-X 4k» \^«-;»J««/.:r.« ^* ♦u^ ^».4.»

rector of the seminary of Stradk and then rector of ""^ Parliament and to the exigencies of the party

♦kT olJ«;Jo,X, ^/ ^i^i^ ^,J.*i}i;«^'^^^^*^^r^* «« system. As to the future government, plans are

SSi^ In I&^S^^^^^^^^^ unsettled, the probability being in favor of a con-

dioces^ numbered 33,000 and there were 16 parishes, ^'rL^St HtrSSr^^^ Af V«lnna nn 9ft TMn,.o«»Ko.

62 secular and 42 regular clergy, 52 seminarians, 77 lofTfiTJ^i^P^^^^^ J^n^fofe'

churches or chapels, ll brothel and 86 sisterB. l'nd%^2o"&m^^^^^^^^ L^nd^fmSS

Alba Jnlia, Archdiocese of. See Fooaras and sadorial Conference it was guaranteed. The crown

Alba Julia. was offered to Prince William of Wied by an


suffragan ui xurxu. xiie prcscub uisiiuy, xvt. xvev. „^j „j„;„^j u« 

Giuseppe Francesco Re, b. in the diocese of Turin, ?f 1 ^V "Tt iL T„fv!i^.l'^T^ v.3IIi'f^"w„"r 1848, was appointed to this diocese 30 December ^Z^°}: .tl ^nop InH n».rL -l1 5 .KfrSn,^?.' 1889. The number of Catholics recorded for the ^Z'}t(i M.»^^ffJt. »ht?M ?i^. ^i?f ^ diocese in 1920 was 150,500 and there were 101 ?°°i^J* ^^ .^ZS^' K^ F^»^ P '5.. Tn^«- ?i parishes. 318 secular and lingular clergy. 43 semi- . "if^wS; ,^°J&* ^LS^i.t^ir /?i^W ^an^ 675 churches or chapels, 6 brothers, and 180 ^^^- -«'^, t^^torX c^S^^t^

^^ May, but returned with the departure of the Prince Albania (cf. C. E., I-253b), a country in the of Wied. In the secret treaty of London, April, Balkan Peninsula, corresponding to the ancient 1915, Albania was partitioned among Italy, Greece, Epirus and Illyria, and consisting, under the Turkish and Servia. During the European War the Aus- regime, of the provinces of Scutari and Yanina and trians overran Albania, capturing San Giovanni di parts of the vilayets of Kossovo and Monastir. It Medua in January and Durazzo in February, 1916. is bounded on the north and east by Jugoslavia; On 3 June, 1917, General Ferrero, the commander on the south by Greece; on the west by Adriatic; of the Italian Expedition in Albania, ofl&cially de- on the southwest by the Ionian Sea; and has an dared the independence of Albania under the pro- area of about 11,000 square miles. The exact boun- tection of the Italian Crown and set up a provisional daries of the country have not yet been settled. The government at Durazzo. In Etecember, 1918, how- principal cities are Durazzo. Scutari (largest town), ever, the Albanians convened the national Albanian Elbasan, and Tirana. Tne principal ports are Assembly at Durazzo, and elected the first governor Valona and San Giovanni di Medua. About two- of the re-established Albanian state in the face of thirds of the Albanians are Moslems (chiefly of the the opposition of the Italian authorities. The Ital- Bektashi sect); of the remainiiig one-third the ians retaliated by interfering with the cables and Christians in the north are for the most part Catho- telegraphs, and suppressing the news about the new lie; those in the south belong to the Greek Church. Albanian government. Again, in 1919, the partition There is a total of 121,440 Catholics. The esti- of Albania was proposed and roused great indigna- mated population is about 825,000, but the Albanians, tion, especially that of President Wilson of the as a race, are not confined to Albania alone, for United States, who forced the abandonment of the there are 25,000 Albanians in Italy, and 200,0()0 in proposals. In January a National Congress of Greece. Albanians gathered at Lusnia and elected a Kegency Ecolesiabtical Division. — Albania is divided Council of notables to act in the place of a prince, ecclesiastically into the Archdiocese of Scutari, and also a Government under the premiersnip of where the Jesuits have their seminary with suffragan Suleiman Bey Delvina. Shortly afterwards the seat sees of Alessio, Pulati, and Sappa; the Archdiocese of the administration was moved to Tirana. The of Durazzo with the suffragan see of Croia; Uskub, Italians came to an agreement with the Albanians without suffragans, and the abbey nuUius of St. at Tirana on 2 August, 1920, and evacuated the Alexander of Orosci or Miridite (q. v.). Durazzo Valona district, which they had held for several and Uakub depend directly on the Holy See. An years, retaining no hold on Albania, except the right Apostolic Delegation was erected in Albania to fortify Cape Linguetta and Cape Trepanti. Italy November, 1920, with its seat in the city of Scutari, retained the island of gasseno, and also recognized