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IV&SA 417 IVfi&A

LyoDB, and the present and first vicar apoetolic is that, except in time of war, the congress was held

the Rt. Rev. Jules Joseph Maury, appointed titular each year. The Marian Congress met at Strambino

Bishop of Ariassus 17 November, .1911. This terri- 2 October, 1921. A monastery for women (Bethania

tory was first erected into a prefecture apostolic in of Sacred Heart of Jesus) was founded at

1895, but by a Decree of 17 November. 1911, it was Vische Canavese 19 March, 1914. The fourth cen-

raised to a vicariate. In 1921 the Catnolic popula- tenary of the coronation of the Madonna of the

tion consisted of 9100 Catholics, who belong to Holy Rosary in Strambino was celebrated in the

twenty different tribes, and 8083 catechumens. The presence of Cardinal Richelmy and the bishops of

vicariate contains 11 ouasi-parishes, 10 churches, 84 ivrea, Aosta, and Biella. In 1919 a Catholic Union

chapels, 1 convent with 6 Sisters^ 18 secular priests, was started in the diocese with a school of propa-

1 home for the aged, 3 dispensaries^ 1 orphanage ganda attached; also a Casa del Popvlo was

for girls, which is supported by the Government, organized.

The hospitals admit the ministry of priests. In eveiy parish dtxring the war the paEtor formed

a committee for aiding soldiers, their families and

Xvrea, Diocssse of (cf. C. E., VIII-258b), suf- prisoners. One hundr^ priests were called to the

fragan of Turin in Northern Italy. The present colors, 23 serving as chaplains and 77 enlisting as

bishop is Rt. Rev. Matteo Angelo Filipello, bom soldiers, 4 were lulled, 14 were decorated: 36 out

in Castelnuova d'Asti, diocese of Turin, 12 April, of 52 seminarians served in the army and 5 were

1859, elected 24 March, 1898, to succeed Mgr. killed. During the last few months of the war a

Richelmy, who was promoted to the Archdiocese of committee of clergy published a paper, '11 fVa-

Turin and later created cardinal. Mgr. Francesco temitas^" which was intended especially for pnests

Gnavi of Calusa, founder of the Catholic economic and clerics in the anny.

social institute in Piedmont, died 31 January, 1918. The diocese contains 138 parishes, 516 succursal

Mgr. Giovanni Clerico, archdeacon of the Cathe- churches, chapels and oratories, 2 monastenes for

dral of Ivrea, professor of morals, litterateur, his- women, 3 convents for men and 3 for women, 177

torian, and hagiographer, died 17 March, 1919. secular and 31 regular priests, 14 lay brothers,

Ftom 8-10 October, 1910, a solemn f^ival was 35 nuns and 257 sisters, 4 seminanes with 153

held at Ivrea, with the inauguration of the cathe- seminarians. 1 international theolo^cal university

dral, newly decorated and restored, enriched with with SO students, 1 college for men with 84 students,

a new baptismal font and chapel dedicated to Our 4 for women with ^0 students, 1 normal school

Lady of Lourdes; with the celebration of the ninth for women with 180 £ftudents, 2 professional schools

centenary of Blessed Warmundo attended by Cardi- with 120 students, 2 elementary schools with 312

nal Richelmy, the Archbishop of Vercelli, and the pupils, 4 missions, 3 refuges, infant agylums in

Bishops of Aosta and Casale; and with the opening ever>r parish, 6 hospitals, 2 case per bambini^ 5

of an oratory for the monks of St. Joseph. On 3 associations among the clergy and 7 among laity.

September, 1911, a diocesan Eucharistic Congress 2 Catholic papers. The normal school is supported

(the first in Italy) was held at Caluso, and after by the Government.