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fititutioDs. In Jassy and Husi there is established disposal a large recreation hall provided with piano,

a flourishing Catholic mutual aid society. The victrola, and library, where they can amuse them-

f ollowing associations exist among the laity : Rosary selves, also sewing machines for their own use or

Society, Society of Catholic Young People, Apostle- to use in sewing for the poor in their spare

ship of Prayer, Third Order of St. Francis, Con- moments.

gregation of Mary, Association of Christian Mothers, Adjoining the home is a public school where the

Soiulity for the Protection of Young Girls. There sirls receive instruction in the English language

are 2 Catholic weeklies, "Lumina Crestinului and during the evening sessions of winter months. The

the Catholic Sentinel," and 2 monthlies, Viata" house is open until ten o'clock every evening, but

and the Franciscan "Aurora." with permission the girls may remain out until


Jay, Marib-Raoul, economist, b. at Paris on 1 xhe home is under the direction of the Sisters June, 1866; d. there in July, 1921. A devout Cath- of Divine Providence, whose provincial house is in olic and a follower of Count de Mun, he was one Newport, Kentucky. Rev. Mother M. Clotilde has of the most promment sociologists in France, and ^een the Superioress since the beginning. The Sis- was consulted on almost every social law adopted ^ere meet the girls at their request on their arrival there during the first two decades of the twentieth ^^ the diJBTerent piers and stations, they watch over century. He was especially interested in such ques- the welfare of their chaises with a maternal solici- tions as the weekly day of rest, the protection of tude, and are often in constant correspondence with women workers at home, unnecessary employment their families abroad concerning their well being, of workers at night. He was a chevalier of the The Sisters find work for them, take care of them Legi<Hi of Honor, one of the founders of the Union ^^en they are sick, visit those who are in hospitals, of Social Catholics, "' ' " ""* Association for

insmen, a member . «x.. ^w^ «« v*.,^ w-«...« ^* ^v. ,.«w^«v ^.^ *«^

LGa)Oi% and a professor in the faculty of law in accompany their remains to their last resting place

the University of France, where his lectures were (their own plot) in St. Mary's Cemetery, Stoten

enthusiasticallv received. Among his pnncipal island.

writings may be mentioned : "L'assurance ouvriere The first establidiment of the home could only

et la solidarity dans rmdustne," "^ repos hebdo- accommodate twelve boarders. In 1911 a spacious

madaire et la nouvelle loi francaise' (1906), "La building was erected which, with an annex, can

hmtatipn legale de la joum6e de travail en accommodate 150. Since there is not room enough

France (1906). for all who now apply daily, they are directed to

tAAti A^/^o.M. !«««•«. »«;»o;^»«,^r o«/i ^i,^o other homes or to recommended private families,

finn^ h YiJ^Sw'ni'^n ir^MohS^ fJ^- H ^f" The homc rcccives equally girls of all nationalities.

♦i^^JLo^H WopSToit^^^^ without regard to creed, provided the applicants

later he was named rector of St. Joseph's College, Jerlco, Diocesb op. See Antioquu and Jericx).

and in January, ip, secured the transference of j^g^ Daughtbbs op (cf. C. E., Vm-374a).-

L^'^flo^fi A'^^i^hW/.Sp^ The mother-house is at Kermaria, France, and the

KJ.^Z?K f* Knf in ?f,f fn1?pa^in«J^^.nf ?r^^^^ proviucial housc for Canada is at.Threi Rivers.

Sf ^f«?W9in r«f v.Si^^ «ni If td^^Cn^f in^^^ There are 260 professed choir religious, 74 lay sisters,

^^nf^^Q^ ?£J?r^^^^^^^ «4vfn^i«?i i?h^A 10 novices, and 16 postulants, with 30 citablishi

Sfn«*n^inf^H^v T^^^^^ ^^^^ i° Canada, there arr2 establishments in

been nomiimted by Lord Ripon to the first Indian ^^ United States.

Educational Commission, as an associate of Sir

W. W. Himter and Dr. Miller, whom he accom- Jesus and Mary, Sisters op the Holt Child-

panied in their official tour of India. Jean's masterv hood op (cf. C. E., VIII-374a). — ^The congregation

of Latin was unique; his scholarship was so well called Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy of the Good

appreciated by Madras University that till he re- Shepherd, a teaching and nursing order in Dra-

tired as a septuagenarian to the Sacred Heart Col- guignan, France, was authorized by the government

lege he was chairman of the board of studies in 29 April, 1853. Their official title is Sisters of the

Greek, Latin, and French, and university examiner Holy Childhood of Jesus and Mary. Since the

in these subjects. Latin verse was his favorite decrees of 1901 and 1904 the Sisters have limited

pastime, and he could write Horatian lyrics with their work to care for the sick and orphans.

manv years after his retirement he was eneaeed ^•^^^ **** Mary, Sisters op the Holt Chtld-

teachiii Latin and Tamil to the Jesuit novices. ^"^ % ^""^ ST'-^^S^'^I^^'* ""h^'A' ^^ Fatherjean is the author of a Latin grammar -Mother Mane Seraphme, elected as geneml «n/iAixr iiaoH in TnrJi'o superior of the ixistitute for the first time m 1906, wiaeiy usea m maia. ^^ re-elected in 1912. She died in January, 1914, Jeanne d'Are Home, at 253 West 24th St., New and was succeeded by Mother Marie Appoline, York, was established in 1896 by the present pastor elected April, 1914, and re-elected in 1920 for six of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Rev. years.* Cardinal Billot, S. J., was appointed by the Tho^phile Wiicher, S.P.M., for the protection of Holy See, in 1919, as Cardinal Protector of the French girls who come to America to eran their liv- institute. In June, 1914, St. Joseph's Convent ing as teachers, governesses, stenographers, seam- School was wholl3r destroyed by the big Salem fire ; stresses, maids, etc. They can live at the home for a the Sisters remained in Salem and St. Joseph's moderate sum in private rooms or in dormitories parochial school was temporarily installed in the accommodating six. There is a beautiful chapel church buildings, partially rebuilt. The novitiate in the house where holy Mass is offered every for America, previously in Salem, was transferred morning at seven o'clock, assistance at daily Mass to Giffard, near Quebec, Canada, in 1914; the Sis- being optional, The boarders have also at their ters undertook the direction of two schools there.