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budget of the industrial and professional schools, hospital was established at ^lalta, the largest num-

The city of Antwerp pays a subsidy of 2.000,000 ber of patients received at one time being 25,000. francs to the Catholic schools. «-■ * /»# e

At Tumhout there is an apostolic school under ^ ^*«?*' Abchdigcesb op (Manaquensis; cf .

the Jesuits for young boys who propose to enter C. E. XI-46d), m the Republic of Nicaragua,

the congregations whose members are destined for Central Amenca. Erected 26 February 1531, under

mission work; and 2 apostolic schools under the thenameof NicMUgim, it wasraised to therankof a

Fathers of the Holy Ghost. metropolitan see by Pius X 2 December 1913, with

Ho8PiTAL8.-Since the confiscation of hospitals, <^^° suffragMi dioceses under its jurisdiction. It

hosDices. and charitable establishments duriii the ??i?PJrMi^^

French occupation (1794-1815), these institutions St^^TftV^^^^^tino^^ ^f^^^n^I^ on ^hf^rth

have been under civil control but the religious ^^'l^^^^^.Kt'?,^!^ Ji^^Tn ?hp ^i^hp ^»<.^*;»,.^^ ♦K«;- «„•« ^f ♦k^ -;«L- f^- «»k;/.k 4-Ur^^t ^md west by the Diocese of Leon, on the east by tne

3Vr^ & rimnnpriffnn Vi^jlj ^iocesc of Granada and the Vicariate of Bluefields,

receive a slwfht remuneration. Lately some lay ^ ^ ^ , ^ ^ ^ q ^j^ I

"ih^^^L^h^^^^^^ nl^rlv^l^^'nth.™^ S ^^tion is estimated at 250,000. The firet archbiZp the mihtary hosp tals, and nearly all othere m ^ ^ ^ j^ Antomo Lezcano y Ortega, b. 10

i^LS,^?^nrM^i.rt&^ "^ ' April, 1865, at Granada, ordained 15 April 1888,

sanatoriums, and climes themselves. ^^^^ archbishop 10 Dei^mber, 1913, enth^ned 3

Associations.— In all the urban communes there ^ ^gj. proclaimed 28 May following, elected existe a Catholic (political orgamzation, working j^ 1915 ancf 1916 president of the Supreme Congress mens and youths circles, mihtary training classes. ^^ ^^e Republic. The auxiliary fof Matagalpa is gymnastics, etc. In the rural communities nearly r|. j^^ (f^^iUo y Salazar, titular Bishop of Torone. all the interests are aflUiated. In the Flemish remon T^ere are in the archdiocese : 30 parishes, 45 churches, t^^^'Sn*^ powerful agricultural oigamzation which i mission, 27 secular and 3 regular clergy, 18 Brothers, has 90,060 membere m the Flemish provinces. 24 Sisters, 1 seminary with 19 seminarians, 4 hospitals.

Nhwspapers. — ^The pnncipal Catholic dailies are "La Libre Belgique," "Le XX® siecle," "De Mancbester, Diocese of (Manchesteriensis; Handaard," Brussels; "La Metropole," "De Mor- cf. C. E., IX— .584d), comprising the State of New gendport,*' "Het Handelsblod/' Antwerp; in Flem- Hampshire, an area of 9305 sq. m., suffragan of ish, "De Gazet van Antwerpen," Antwerp and "Het Boston. This see is filled by Rt. Rev. George Nieuws van der Tag," Brussels; less important Albert Guertin, bom in Nashua, New Hampshire, dailies are "Le Democrat, Brussels and "De Gazet 1869, studied at Brixton, Sherbrooke and St. Hya- van Mechelen, Malines. cinthe, ordained in Manchester in 1892, served as

-,,. -^ ,«, i.^^*v pastor of St. Anthony's Church and appointed bishop

e^fJx *» DiocBSB OP (Mblitonsis; cf. C. E., IX- at the age of thirty-eight, 16 December, 1906, to 576b), compnsmg the Island of Malta, is imme- succeed Rt. Rev. John B. Delaney, died 11 June diately subject to the Holy See. The bishop, also of the same year. The religious orders established in titular Archbishop of Rhodes, is Rt. Rev. Maurus the diocese include, men: Benedictines, Christian Caruana, O. S. B., b. 16 November, 1867, in Malta, Brothers, Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Marist studied at the College of St. Ignatius and at Fort- Brothers of the Schools, and Xaverian Brothere; Augustus, professed 11 November, 1885, ordamed women: Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Jesus Mary, 14 March, 1891, missionary in Scotland, appointed Presentation Sistere, Sisters of Charity of Providence, at the Consistory of 22 January, 1915, consecrated Gray Nuns, Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood and at Rome 10 February, by the Cardinal Merry del Sisters of the Holy Cross and of the Seven Dolors. Val, enthroned 25 February following, succeeding By latest statistics 1922, the Catholic population of Mgr. Pietro Pace (b. 9 April, 1831, d. 26 July, 1914). the diocese numbers 141,489; it comprises 81 churches The diocesan statistics for 1921 are: 46 parishes, with resident priests, 31 missions with churches, 144 510 secular and 248 regular priests, 2 abbeys for secular and 14 regular clergy, 28 chapels, 39 mission women (Bfenedictine), 26 convents for men and stations, 36 seminarians, 1 college with 250 students, 47 for women, 105 lay brothers, 611 Sisters, 1 semi- i high school with 160 boys, 2 academies with 225 nary with 44 seminarians, 1 university with 84 stu- pupiLs, 41 parochial schools with 19,900 pupiLB, 7 dents, 2 colleges for men with 220 students, 4 high orphan asylums caring for 1009 orphans, 4 hospitab. schools with 510 boys and 640 girls, 1 training 2 homes for the aged, 2 homes for working girls, and 1 school with 120 pupils, 102 elementary schools with .nfant asylum. 775 teachers and 16,407 pupils, 1 industrial school >

with 100 jpupils. A diocesan missionary institute M^chnrla, Northern, Vicariate Apostolic of was founded in 1920 for missionary work among (Mancturensib Septentrionalis; cf. C. E., IX- Maltese emigrants; there are 3 homes, 1 asylum, 3 585d), one of the two ecclesiastical divisions of the hospitals, 1 refuge (Good Shepherd), 1 settle- civil province of the same name, in China. It house, 3 day nurseries. All public institutions have comprises territory separated from the vicariate chaplains paid by Government, and all the schools apostolic of Southern Manchuria, 10 May, 1898, except the high schools are supported by the Gov- and is entrusted to the Society of Foreign Missions emment. Four societies are organized among the of Paris, the present Vicar Apostolic being Rt. Rev. clergy. The Catholic press is represented by Pierre-Marie-Frangois Lalouyer, appointed titular monthly magazines or bulletins issued by almost Bishop of Raphana 24 July, 1897, and named first all the reUgious orders in connection with their vicar of this territory 16 May, 1898. He is assisted special works. The diocese comprises 200,000 by a coadjutor, Rt. Rev. Auguste-Emest Gaspais, Maltese Catholics. appointed titular Bishop of Canopus 16 December,

In 1921 Malta was granted self-government, and 1920, and named coadjutor 20 December following, the New Parliament was opened by the Prince Out of a total population of 10,000,000 this vicariate of Wales, 1 November, 1921; two out of seventeen counts 23,311 CathoHcs and 2556 catechumens. The members of the senate are nominated by the arch- 1920 statistics credit it with 700 Protestants, 25 bishop. During the World War twelve priests missionaries, 11 native secular priests, 32 catechists, acted as military chaplains on the various fronts. 21 churches, 66 chapels, 1 upper and 2 lower semi- From the time of the Gallipoli Expedition a base naries with 50 students, 123 schools teaching nearly