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metropolitan for all the biahoprics of the Latin Rite, Regular of the Mother of God, Fathers of the Holy

and is the largest archdiocese m the woild, comprising Ghost and Christian Brothers; women. Sisters of

three quarters of European Russia and all of Asiatic the Infant Jesus, Sisters of Bon Secours, Daughters

Russia. It embraces a Catholic population of of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Dominican Sis-

747,709, and according to 1920 statistics comprises ters. Sisters of the Holy Rosaiy, and Sisters of the

171 parishes, 66 filial parishes, 324 secular and 4 Blessed &crament. The Christian Brothers have

regular clergy. charge of 3 communal schools: 1 at Monaco with

v^i*,**. m^ii.^ .nil a«/»4....<> rk....^... «- 3W Students, 1 at La Condamine with 402 students,

Holfetta, Terluil and aiorlaiuno, Diocbse of j j * Monte Carlo with 480 students- the

(Meu-ichtonsis. TBBLrmNSis and Jubbnacensis; q^^^ ^^ ^j^^ j^^^^j j^^^ ^^ ^^^uct a 'com-

cf.C.E.,X--ma),intheproraieeofBan^outhem ^„^ j^^^j j^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^ i„ addition to

^^^4i»^^^u^^^^ to the Holy See. These s^ ^j^ ^^ ha^ j boarding school with 145 pupils

MtJ filled by Rt. Rev. Pascale Gioia, appointed 30 ^ 3 ^' ^ , ^ j^^ j^^ ,45 -^ {^

September, 1921^ to succeed Rt. ftev. Giovanm j^ Con/amine with 100 pupils, and 1 at Monte

thTdiocSSf^Su^^'^Sr^h'^rS^-- i^ Carlo with 114 pupils.. T^e Vritable institutions

Malfetta. a temtorjr of some 60 000 mhabitante. ^"ch^Tt^/^ Vario^ arhcUrateri^es ar^ or-

S."* ?S'?hf JhSf^if Z^l«1fnH 1 ?S.™iZfof ?anised in the diocese, of Penitents, of Our Lady of

i47o§: a?viSro com&'^^f S^^ular L««r^ce, of Chr«tian ]^he«. of the Holy Ros^^

ank 6 regular clergy, 34 churches or chapels, 6 «»5 Third Order of St. Francis.

Brothers.fJ'sistei^'^'d 12.160 inhabitants. ^ y^T^^^^rtr^nS. v!^?tpKTd*

Monaco, principality and diocese, situated on 1915) ; Mgr. J. Baud (d. 1917) ; Mgr. Pierre Mercier

the Mediterranean Sea, covers an area of eight (d. 1918); Rev. Demetrius Giannecchini (d. 1919),

square miles and comprises the towns of Monaco, and Mgr. Leon Pauthier (d. 1920).

I^ Condamine, and Monte Carlo, with a total urnrxAfC^mAn t\,^^««™ ^» /'ikyr^v,™^^,^^,^,^. ^t

population (1913 census) of 22,956. ^ ^ *y^% Diocese of (MiNFONiBNSig cf.

The nr«=«Pnt nilpr Prince Albert III was an ^' ^'^ X— 477a), suflFragan of Compostela, Spam.

oKi«i»*o^!^?»JS iQii «^L^II^^^ The present bishop is Rt. Rev. Juan Jos6 Solis y

absolute ruler until 1911 when on 7 Janua^ a con- ^^^^^ consecrated 1907. The diocese has an stitution was promulgated which provides for a ^ ^^^ ^ ^^3 parishes dividedinto

National Coimcil elected by umversal suffrage and SVT»«t t^u^^^JTAno r^^o+l /in^»r,,I«Kl- kio

vote by ballot. The Government is carried out ^L^t S^^ J^i^^i 27 ?n^^^^

..«.j^. ♦u^ «..4>u^.;«-.* r^t *Ur^ D.:»»^ K,, « "KMiTyia^w^r ciiapcls OF sanctuaries, Zl convents, 57 members of

^SLi^L o r^^^^^ nf ir^ ' tL ^iH«ffi ^^^^oxia orders of men , and 213 Sisters. The Cath-

asBisted by a Council of State. The legislative olic population is 275,000.

power is exercised by the Prince and the National ""^^ h^h***-"*"" «»*'«'i^'w.

Council, which consists of 21 members elected every Mondovl, Diocese of (Montis Rbgaus in

four years. The territory of the principality is PEDEMONTE;cf. C. E., X— 478a), suffragan of Turin,

divided into three communes admimjtered by Italy. The present bishop is Kt. Rev. Giovanni

municipal bodies, in the election of which women Battista Ressia, elected 1897. The Catholic popu-

are entitled to take part. It has its own coinage lation of the diocese is 170,400. There are 150

(it issues only 100 franc pieces), which is current parishes, 490 secular priests, 145 seminarians, 12

since 1876 in all the states of the Latin union, and Brothers, 135 Sisters, 20 regular priests and 1760

also issues its own postage stamps and has its own churches and chapels, flap. n

In 1887, by the Apostolic letter of His Holiness Mongolia, Central, Vicariate Apostolic of

Leo XIII, the principality was erected into a dio- (Monqoliab centralis; cf. C. E., X — 482b), in

cese directly subject to the Holy See and Mgr. China, with residence at Si-wan-tse, contains a

Bona venture Theuret was appointed its first bishop. Catholic population of 46,867 and is entrusted to the

He died 11 November, 1901, and the see was (Ik)ngregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

vacant, administered bv the vicar capitular, Mgr. (Scheutveld) . The vicar apostolic, Rt. Rev. Jerome

Guyotte, imtil 1903 when Rt. Rev. Jean-Charles Van Aertseler, b. at Hoogstraeten^ Belgium 1 Novem-

Arnal du Curel was appointed second bishop of the ber, 1845), titular Bishop of Zarai, has filled this see

see. Bishop Curel died 5 June, 1915, and was sue- since 1898. The vicariate numbers (192 1)52 districts,

ceeded by Rt. Rev. Victor-Augustin Vi6, bom at 52 missions with resident priests, 297 stations, 181

Escrennes 1849, preconized Bishop of Monaco 8 churchesand chapels, 40 European priests of the (Ik>n-

May, 1916, died 10 June, 1918. After Bishop Vie's gregation of Scheutveld, 24 native priests (secular) 4

death the see was again vacant, administered by convents for women^ 1 seminary with 57 seminarians,

the vicars capitular, Leon Pauthier (1918-20) and 1 college for boys with 90 pupils, 1 for girls with 40

Lazare Perruchot (1920). On 16 December, 1920, pupils, 28 Franciscan Missionaries of Maiy, 267

the present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Georges-Prudent- teachers. and catechists (men), 162 (women), 11,135

Mane Bruley des Varennes, was appointed bishop catechumens, 136 schools for boys, 99 schools for

and took possession of the see 25 January, 1921. girls, 11 refuges with 541 inmates, 10 orphan asylums

By a decision of the Congregation of the Con- with 1495 gins, sistoiy 6 May, 1921, the Archdiocese of Aix was On 15 November, 1914, Rt. Rev. Edward Ter

constituted the court of appeal for the Diocese of Laak was consecrated as coadjutor. Monaco, which, though still remaining directly

under the Holy See, has been reattached, for its Mongolia, Eastern, Vic\riate Apostolic of

provincial councils, to the metropolitan province (Mongou^ Oribntalis; cf. C. E., X~479b), erected

of Aix. 21 December, 1883, by Leo XIII, who divided

The religious orders established in the diocese Mongolia into three vicariates apostolic, Eastern,

are: men, Carmelites, Friars Minor, Jesuits, Clerks Central, Southwestern. The vicariat-e is entrusted 33