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Paderbom, Diocksb of (Paterbornknsis; cf. of Venice. The present bishop is Mgr. Luigi Pelizzo,

C E XI— 383b), in Germanv, suffragan of Cologne, bom in Faedis, Diocese of Udine, 26 February, I860,

On 12 Nov., 1920, Rt.Rev. KarlJoseph Schulte who elected Bishop of Padua, 13 July, 1906, consecrated

administered the diocese from 1910, was named at Cividale 19 August, to succeed Cardmal Callegan,

vicar apostolic of Anhalt and at the Consistory of deceased. According to 1919 statistics, toe diocese

8 MarchT 1920, was made archbishop of Cologne, comprises 580,000 Catholics, 321 parishes, 817 secular

His successor at Paderbom is the Rt. Rev. Henry priests, 304 seminarians, 457 churches or chapels.

Ha^ng 4«J*"««'»""',^,»i,^^"»X.I^ ^tl"2 Palawan, PMrEcruRE Apostolic of; (cf. C. E.,

1861. ordained 18 Aug. , 18M, dwted 5 Aug^ 1912 xi-^l7d), suffragan of Manila, Phflippine Islands:

2!f^.Ti aunhary bishop ^Pad«tora,consec^^ r^ ;- p^fSt apostolic is Rt. &v. Victorien

^9*'^^'"'"™'*-«J^^n^^nZ^^^^J^lp Romin Zarate, b. 1875, ordained 1897, appointed

of Anhalt was suppress^andmrorporatedm ^ '^ popilation of the prefMtuie is

Diocese of Paderborn. Soon iJter the outbr^ of P^ ^^ j whom 27,357 are Catholics. There

the war an a«o«ation caUed£H« X^ g prints and 6 churclJes. The leper settlement

«At<fe was founded in the (hooew, the o^^^ the Island of Culion is under the care of the

^^gtL'dSS^^i&t^^gitnV"^^^ •'-•♦«' "^^ ^y »»>« s^ °^ «*• •"-p-

munication were established in the enemy countnes. selves to educational and charitable works, 192 mem- German priests were sent to the enemy camps, cloth- y^^^ ^f religious orders of men. and 519 Sisters. The ing and food were given to the soldiers, with the aid of present Bishop is Rt. Rev. Raimon Barbera y Boada, the Borromaeusverein, literature was distnbuted in ^ 1547^ elected titular Bishop of Anthedon 1907, the camps. A special effort was made to supply transferred to Palencia 1914. Russia, as the prisoners in that country had been

cut off from spiritual aid and but seldom had the Palermo, Archdiocese of (Panormitana, cf.

consolation of the ministrations of a priest. At C. E., XI — 419b), in Sicily. The present incumbent

^^' at Senne and Doberitz. near Spandau, is His Eminence Alessandro Cardinal Lualdi, b. in

f church for prisonere of all nationalities Milan, 1858, ordained 1880, rector of the Lombard

the camps a temporary

the means of bnnging effectual aid to tne amictea Rev. Giuseppe Lagumma, titular Bishop of Samos.

and in every way furthering the spirit of Christian in 1910 a diocesan synod was held anci in 1920 the

charity among the warring nations. Plenary Council of Sicily met, the first since the pro-

In 1921 the diocese contained 5,453,731 inhabitants, mulgation of the new canon law. In 1921 the terri-

with 1,637,618 Catholics. It is divided into 53 torial congress of the third order of St. Francis was

deaneries and has 620 parishes, 210 succursal parishes, held, and in 1924 the third centenary of the finding

11 missions, 830 churches, 25 monasteries for men, of the relics of St. Rosalia will be celebrated.

323 convents for women, including 6 mother-hous^, During the World War many of the clergy went to

1439 secular priests, 125 regulars, all engaged in the Front, 190 in all, and great privations were borne

parish work, 4 houses for Brothers, 1 seminanr, 50 by those at home, while they worked in the hospitals

seminarians. Educational institutions include: 1 and various shelters for the soldiers, particularly the

university, 12 professors, 300 students, 1 philosoph- Casa del SoldcUo, which was the first of its kind in

ical-theological academy at Paderbom, about 50 Italy, having been founded by Rev. Vitale Brun

hohere schiden (scientific and classical high schools), in 1913.

7 normal schools. 4 missionary schools. The parish xhe diocese comprises (1921) 50 parishes, 524 schools are aided oy the Government. The following churches and mission chapels, 1 monasteiy for men institutions exist in the diocese: 91 homes, 53 asvlums, and 5 for women, 520 secular priests and 50 regulars, 103 hospitals, 4 houses of correction, 1 settlement 25 Brothers. 500 Sisters, 3 seminaries, 126 seminar- house, 197 nuiseries, all of which admit the ministry ians, a theological college at the university with 10 of priests. Numerous religious orgeinizations and professors and 15 students, 8 secondary schools for societies exist among the clergy and laity. About boys with 20 teachers and 350 pupils, 22 secondary fifty Catholic papers are printed in the diocese, schools for girls with 12,000 pupils^ 1 professional Rev. Dr. Franz Hitze, distinguished professor of school with 10 teachers and 100 pupds. Amons the social science, deputy of the Reichstag, and cham- charitable institutions are 1 mission centre, 1 home pion of the Catholic social movement, died in 1921. for the poor, 25 asylums and 1 hospital. In 1920

Padua, Diocese op (Patavina; cf. C. E., there were 543,990 Catholics in this territory, a large

XI— 385c), in the province of Venice, Italy, suffragan proportion of whom are Greco-Albanians.