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is informed of the fact. A cleric is considered b3r the J. Shealv^ 8. J. , was appointed director of the move- law to have renounced his office tacitly: (a) if he ment, which in May, 1909, was tentativelv organized, becomes a professed religiousj benefices, however, in It was decided that, pending the actual acquisition this case are not vacated mmiediately; (b) if he of a suitable house lor retreats, an inaugiuul "week- neglects to take up his post within the time appointed end retreat should be held in tne summer months at by law. or by the ordinary if the law is silent on the Fordham University, during the vacation season, point; (c) if he comes into peaceful possession of a ]X)8t and on July 9th eighteen men composing, for the mcompatible with a former office; (d) if he apostatizes most part, the orgamzed group, made the first retreat publicly; (e) if he contracts marnage even civil; (f) under Father Shealy's direction. From the inception if without just cause he becomes a soldier voluntarily; of the movement it was recognized that to meet the (g) if he unjustifiably and of his own accord leaves exigencies of modem business conditions the 'Veek- off his clerical dress and after being warned by the end" retreats could not begin before Friday evening ordinarv does not put it on again within a month; and must terminate early on Monday morning, and (h) finally, if when he is bound by the law of residence this has been the rule since that time, he absents himself unlawfully and, when not legitimate- The success of the first retreat led to the holding ly excused, neslects to obey or to answer the ordinary of three more retreats at Fordham Universit>^ before within a suitaole time prescribed by the latter. the end of the vacation, and in the autumn six more

"week ends" were held at Keyser Island, South

Bescripta (cf. C. E., XII— 783c; V— 691d) .— Con- Norwalk, the total attendance at the ten retreats in

ceahnent of the truth or subreption in a petition for 1909 being 179 men. In November, 1909. a public

a rescript does not necessarily render it invalid, nor meetmg in aid of the movement was held at Cathedral

does a falsehood or obreption, provided the sole CoUege in the prince of Archbishop Farley. ^Earlv

reason, or at least one of those alleged, is true. The m ]910 "week ends' 'were resumed at Keyser l9land,

use of the clause motu proprio in a rescript validates and o»ce more Fordham Umversity was used durmg

what would otherwise be void through subreption, Jhe summer vacation, return bemg made to Keyser

it would not, however, validate obreption except in a Island in the autumn, and the tptel results for 1910

petition for a dispensation from a minor matrimonial ^^re nmeteen retreats attended by three hundred

impediment. A rescript granted motu proprio to a men. Active search for a suitable house was made

person who by canon law w disqualified from obtain- durmg 1910 and many houses were inspected. None

mg the favor in question, or if it is contrary to a o^ them, howevw", met the combmed requisition of

legitimate local custom, private statute, or acquired adaptabihty and price— the latter bemg a very

right is ineffective, unless it expressly contains a formidable limitation. In January, 1911, it was

derogating clause. The words of a rescript are to be decided to incorporate what had up to that time been

taken in their common acceptation; in case of doubt Imown as the 'Laymen's Retreat Movement and

a wide interpretation is allowed, except where the Jpe ,. Laymen s LeM;ue for Retreats and Social

interests of third parties or of the public are involved. Studies" was founded, the name being later changed

or in reference to lawsuits, or when the petition was ^^",*J. °' .^°®„ ^J^^J^ « League for Retreats and

made to secure a benefice. A rescript if revoked by Social Service. , « 

a superior is stUl valid until revocation has been made ^^ March, 1911 , Father Shealy's seareh for a house

known to the person who obtained it; it is not revoked was finally rewarded by the discovery of an estatgon

by a contrary law, unless the law provides for this or Staten Island known as "Fox HiU Manor." This

unless the law has been enacted by a superior of the consisted of a large double house stajadmg m twenty

grantor of the rescript. acres of ground near Fort Wadsworth. The house

had been built some forty years before by Mr. L. H.

^ ^ i.j « a*^ rpu- /-i^ i.- „ Meyer for the occiipancy of his own family and that

Besittrectlon SiaterSj-This Congregation was ^ ^ married daughter. It contained twenty-seven founded m Rome m .1891 by Mother Celine Bor- , ^^ ^^^ ^ admirably suited for a Retreat zecka The community has as its chief aim the j^^ ^ j^ ^^^^ ^^ secluded from the public education of girls, although other works fall ^o ^^^/ ^he grounds had been lavishly improv^ by within the scope of its activities. Besides the ^^ ^ in his lifetime but on his death the prop- mother-house m Rome and a novitiate in Austria ^^y sdfered considerable neglect and when dw- ihe commumtv has also estabhshed a novitiate at ^^^^ ^y Father Shealy both house and grounds IMorwood I'ark, 111., U. S. A. .^^^ ju ^ g^l^ ^f deplorable disrepair. It was pur- chased in April, 1911, for $50,000. At that time the

Betreat of the Sacred Heart, Congregation of fimds actually at Father Shealy's disposal were less

THE (cf. C.E., XII — 795b). — ^There are twenty-three than $13,000, laboriouriy collected in the preceding

houses belonging to the institute: 16 in France, 2 two years. With the aid of the Emigrant Savings

in Brussels, and 5 in England. The house at Bank, which lent $30,000 on the property and of two

Clevedon was closed in 1^, and a new house friends who advanced $7,000 more, Father Shealv

opened at Clifton with a hostel for Catholic women paid $50,000 cash to the executors of Mr. Meyera

students, studying at the Bristol University. The estate and the first House of Retreats for men in

Life of Victoire de St. Luc, French Revolutionary the United States was an accomplished fact,

martyr, has been written by Mother St. Patrick, a Announcement was made of this achievement at a

religious of the institute. public meeting held in May at Carnegie Hall in the

presence of Archbishop Farley and the provincial

Betraats for Laymen. — In January, 1909. of the Society of Jesus, and again the emphatic ap-

Mr. Sidney J. Finley, of New York, called a small proval of the archbishop was publicly accorded to the

meeting of Catholic laymen to consider the establish- work. The Laymen's League was busily at work

ment of a House of Retreats for Laymen in or near obtaining members for the League and retreatants

New York Cit3r, similar to those which had been for the week-end bands, and a committee was at founded in Belgium and in England. As a result of work organizing the School of Social Studies. In the

this meeting request was made of the provincial of intervals of his work as Lecturer on Jurisprudence in

the S|ociety of Jesus that the Society imdertake the Law School of Fordham University and his work

direction of the work. This request received the as director of the week-end retreats (which were beinf^

cordial assent of the provincial and the approval of held at Keyser Island and later at Fordham Uni-

Archbishop Farley of New York, and Father Terence versity), Father Shealy was busied throughout the