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Afi&AS 59 ASIA

general of the diocese, which latter position he filled Artvin, Diocese of (Artumensis; cf. C. E.,

until Yna appointment as bishop. His long experi- 1-765), of the Greek Armenian Rite, comprises the

ence in the diocese particularly fitted him for his trans-Caucasian provinces of Artvin and Kars. Since

administration, and during his incumbency he has 1878 Russia has prevented the appointment of a

seen it grow from a mere wilderness to a flourishing bie^op of Tiraspol, to which this territory was

diocese. Numerous schools, churches, and convents united by Russia in that year. By 1920 statistics

have been added to the diocese and a beautiful there are 12,000 Armenian Catholics in the diocese,

cathedral erected, costing £32,000, aU of which was 25 missionary priests, 30 churches or chapels and

collected in three years through the efforts of the 22 elementary schools with 900 children.

bishop. At the solemn opening of the new building . ^.. -^ _^ . . _,

he was able to announce that it was free of debt, ^'^^'P^^^'P^$^^^^ (Abculanbnsis Picbni-

and in 1919, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee "nsis; cf. C. E., I-773d),m Italy,. is under the

of the diocese the cathedral was consecrated by immediate junsdiction of the Holy See. Rt. Rev.

the papal delegate Most Rev. B. Cattaneo. Another S?jJ°'9°T w ,i??*' ^ ° ^™® *^ 1 ^ ^ l^ celebration was the laying of the foundation stone 1»77, d. 7 May, 1910, and was succeeded by the of a diocesan orphanage, by the papal delegate and present mcumbent, Rt. Rev. ApoUonno Maggio, b. Archbishop Kelly of Sydney, and £10,500 were col- 1^59, appointed titular Bishop of Lystra 31 January, lected toward the erection of the institution, which 1^10, and named admimstrator apostolic of Ascoli- was planned to cost £17,000. On 2 October, 1921, ^?eno 12 March, of the same year, transferred to the institution with a remaining debt of only £4,000, *™f see 13 May following.

was solemnly opened by the papal delegate, who According to most recent statistics (1922) the returned to complete his work, and before the population of this diocese numbers 230,000 and is ceremonies were over this sum and £700 additional divided into 166 parishes. There are 190 secular were collected by Bishop O'Connor. The various re- an<i 15 regular clergy, 9 convents of men for the ligious orders established in the diocese are: Broth- Capuchins, Conventualists, and Minor Observants, era of the Christian Schools, Sisters of Mercy, 1 convent of men under papal cloister with 20 Dominican Sisters and Uisuline Sisters. The monks, and 2 Benedictine monasteries under epis- present (1921) statistics show 19 parochial districts, copal cloister. Amone the religious orders of women 69 'churches. 33 priests, 7 brothers, 210 nuns, 12 are: 21 Sisters of the Infant Jesus who conduct secular teachers, 6 boarding schools for girls and a convent for 30 children; 25 Sisters, Pious Work- 1 for boys, 6 high schools with 471 children at- ers of the Immaculate Conception, charged with 60 tending, 28 ptimary schools with 3,639 children children; 14 Dominican Sisters; 13 Sisterj of Maria attendmg, and 1 orphanage. The total number of Auxiliatrice in charge of 130 children, and a public children attending Catholic schools is 4,300 and dispensary; 5 Sisters of Charity who conduct an the total Catholic population of the diocese, 33,000. orphanage for girls, with 90 orphans; 6 Daughters

of Chanty in charge of a civil hospital; 7 of the Axras, Diocese op (ATRBBATUM;cf.C.E.,I-752d), same congregation in charge of a ioorhouse, and comprises the Department of Pas-de-Calais in 14 Sisters Felatrice of the Sacred Heart, in charge France and is suffragan of Cambrai. Rt. Rev. of an orphanage for girl war orphans, of whom Alfred Willies, who was appointed to this see in there are 80 in the institution. An infant asylum 1892, d. 25 January, 1911, and was succeeded by is connected with it, and 2 other infant asylums, Rt. Rev. Emile-Louis Lobbedey 6 May, 1911, a. an orphanage and a commtmity house, complete 24 December, 1916. He was succeeded by the the list of charitable institutions in the diocese.

E resent incumbent, Rt. Rev. Eugene-Louis Julien, Various societies of a religious or charitable char- om in the Diocese of Rouen 1856, ordained 1881, acter, numbering in all 120, are organized through- made prelate of the Holy See 1916, appointed bishop out the diocese.

22 May, 1W7. , , __ ^, ^ , „ Ascoli-Satrlano and Oerlgnola, Diocese of (As-

DuHM the World War the region culanbnsis Apuujb ct Cerignolensib; cf. C. E.,

and the cathedral rebuilt 177&-1833, was com- i_774a), in the province of Foggia, Italy, is suffragan pletely destroyed by the German bombardment ^^ Benevento. Rt. Rev. Angelo Struffolini, who and fire and more than two hundred churches were ^ame to this see 15 April, 1901, was transferred to totally niined.^ In 1912 the cathedral chapter was ^he titular see of Philippi in July, 1914. His suc- granted the pnvilege of wearing red on the sleeves ^^^^^^^ r^ ^^^ Giovanni Sodo, b. at Naples, 1862, of the rochet By. latest statistics Uie (Catholic ^^ appointed 19 February, 1915. On 9 December. popiJation of this dio<«se numbers 1 068,155, there jg^g g^ ^as named administrator Apostolic of are 672 nanshes and 53 vicariates, formerly with j.^j^ j^ jggO there were 70,115 Catholics in this state subventions, 985 churches, 1073 priests, 1 diocese, 12 parishes, 100 secular and 8 regular clergy, upper semmaiy with about 100 students, 2 ower ^ seminarians, 100 churches or chapels, 4 brothers seminaries, 1 at Bethune. the other at Boulogne and 50 sisters sur Mer, 9 secondary schools for boys with 103

professors and 1600 pupils, 10 boarding schools for Asia (cf. C. E., I-777b) .—Population .—The total girls with 93 teachers and 1400 pupils, 244 elemen- population of Asia is about 800,000,000, divided ac- tary schools with 774 teachers and 32,055 pupils, cording to latest available statistics as follows: and 2 professional schools having about 100 stu- Siberia, 10,377,900; Chinese Republic, 320,650,000: dents. Several periodicals are published: "La Korea, 17,284,207; Japan, 55,961,140; Indo-China, Croix d Arras," at Arras, "La Croix du Pas de 16,990,229; Siam, 8319,686; British India, 244,267,- Calais," at Boulogne, and the "Courrier du Pas de 542; Afghanistan, 6,380,500; Persia, 9,500,000; Calais" at Arras. Within recent vears the diocese Turkish Empire, 8,000,000; Arabia, 5,500,000. Ac- has lost three prominent clergy, by the deaths of cording to the Moslem World for 1914, there are Rev. Canon liambure, vicar general and a pro- 12,278,800 Mohammedans in Asiatic Turkey* 8,421,- fessor and pro-rector of the Catholic faculty of 000 in China; 66,000,000 in India and Burma; the University of Lille, and author of a number 35,000.000 in the Malav Archipelago. The "Jewish of books; Mgr. Hervin, protonotary apostolic and Year Book" for 1921 gives the following number of vicar general; and Rev. Canon Decrouille, author Jews in various Asiatic countries: Aden, 3,747; of many spiritual books. Afghanistan and Turkestan, 18,316; Dutch East