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CONTRIBUTORS TO THE FOURTH VOLUME CAMPBELL, THOMAS J., S.J., St. Mary's Col- lege, Montreal: Crasset; Croiset. CANDIDE, F., O.M.Cap., Lector in Philosophy, Capuchin Monastery, Ristigouche, Province OF Quebec: Cochem, Martin of. CAPES, FLORENCE MARY, London: Colomba of Rieti; Columba, Saints. CARMICHAEL, MONTGOMERY, British Vice Consul, Leghorn: Clerk.s Regular of the Mother of God of Lucca. CASSIDY, JOHN JOSEPH, S.J., Woodstock Col- lege, Maryland: Conimbricenses. CHAPMAN, JOHN, O.S.B., B.A. (Oxon.), Prior of St. Thomas's Abbey, Erdington, Birmingham, England: Clementines; Clement I; Cornelius, Pope; Cyprian of Carthage; CjTil of Alexandria ; Cyril of Jerusalem ; Demetrius, Saint; Didache; Didascalia Apostolorum; Didymus the Blind. CHARLES, BROTHER, C.S.C, Professor of Eng- lish, Scholasticate of the Congreg.ation of the Cross of Jesus, Rimouski, Canada: Cross of Jesus, Brothers of the. CLEARY, GREGORY, O.F.M., J.U.L., Professor OF Moral Theology and Canon Law, St. Isi- dore's College, Rome: Commissariat of the Holy Land; Gustos. CLEARY, HENRY W., Editor, "New Zealand Tablet", Dunedin, New Zealand: Cooktown; Dalley. CLIFFORD, CORNELIUS, Seton Hall College, South Orange, New Jersey: Craigie; Crashaw. COFFEY, PETER, Ph.D., S.T.L., Professor of Philosophy, St. Patrick's College, May- nooth: Deduction; Dialectic. COLEMAN, AMBROSE, O.P., M.R.I.A., St. Sav- iour's Priory, Dublin: CroUy. COLEMAN, CARYL, B.A., Pelham Manor, New York: Cosmati Mosaic. CORBETT, JOHN, S.J., Associate Editor, "The Messenger", New York: Cornoldi; David, King. COUDERT, ANTOINE, O.M.I., Archbishop of CoLo.MBO, Ceylon: Colombo. COURSON, COMTESSE ROGER de, Paris: Com- mune, Martyrs of the Paris. CURLEY, CHARLES F., A.B., LL.D., Wilmington, Del.ware : Delaware. CUTHBERT, FATHER, O.S.F.C, H.*.ssocks, Sus- sex, England: Definitors (in Religious Orders). D'ALTON, E. a., M.R.I.A., Athenry, Ireland: Clynn; Cogitosus; Creagh; Culdees; Dease. DELAMARRE, LOUIS N., Ph.D., Instructor in French, College of the City of New York: Copp(5e; Corneille, Pierre; Dareste de la Cha- vanne; Deschamps, Eustache; Didot. DELANY, JOSEPH F., New York: Correction; Death; Decalogue; Despair;- Detraction. DELAUNAY, JOHN BAPTIST STEPHEN, C.S.C, LiTT.B., Ph.D., Notre Dame University, In- diana; Cl^manges; Cochin, Jacques; Cochin, Pierre; College de France. DE SMEDT, CH., S.J., Brussels: Criticism, His- torical. DEVAS, FRANCIS CHARLES, S.J., Classical Master, Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, England: Devas. DEVLIN, WILLIAM, S.J., Woodstock College, Maryland: Cremation. DIONNE, N. E., S.B., M.D., to the Leg- islature OP Quebec: Denonville. DONOVAN, STEPHEN M., O.F.M., Franclscan Monastery, Wa.shington: Clare of Montefalco; Clare of Rimini; Coelde; Colman, Walter; Con- rad of Ascoli ; Conrad of OfEda ; Conrad of Pia- cenza; Conrad of Saxony; Conry; Conversi; Cozza; Crib; Crispin of Viterbo ; Crown, Francis- can; Cunegundes; Daniel and Companions; Delfino; Delphine; Didacus. DOWLING, AUSTIN, Providence, Rhode Island: Conclave. DOWLING, M. P., S.J., ICansas City, Missouri: Creighton University. DRISCOLL, JAMES F., D.D., President of St. Jo- seph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, New York: Dan. DRISCOLL, JAMES H., S.T.D., D.C.L., Rouse's Point, New York: Contumacy. DRISCOLL, JOHN THOM.4S, A. M., S.T.L., Fonda, New York: Deity. D'SOUZA, A. X., Bombay, India: Cuncolim, Martyrs of. DUBRAY, C. a., S.T.B., Ph.D., Professor of Phil- osophy, Marist College, Washington: Clich- tove ; Colonna, Egidio ; Dhuoda. DUNFORD, DAVID, Diocesan Inspector of Schools, Hoddesdon, Herts, England: Cu- rate; Dean; Decree. DUNN, JOSEPH, Ph.D., Professor of Celtic L. - guages -4ND Literature, Catholic University OF America, Washington: Crescimbeni. DURET, AUGUSTE, D.D., Prefect Apostolic of the Delta of the Nile, Cairo, Egypt: Delta of the Nile. EDMONDS, COLUMBA, O.S.B., Fort Augustus, Scotland: Coemgen; Columba, Saint; Colum- ba, Saint, Abbot of lona; Columbanus. ENGELHARDT, ZEPHYRIN, O.F.M., Watson- viLLE, California: Dej-mann; Diego y Moreno. ENNIS, a. T., Concordia, Ivansas: Concordia (U.S.A.). ENRIGHT, sister M. AUGUSTINE, St. Joseph's Academy, Springfield, Illinois: Dallas. FANNING, WILLIAM H. W., S.J., Professor of Church History and Canon Law, St. Louis University, St. Louis: Cleric; College (in Canon Law); Collegiate; Commissary Apostolic; Competency; Conference; Confraternity; Con- grua; Conservator; Constitutions, Papal; Cura- tor; Cure of Souls; Cur-sores Apostolici; Cus- tom; Definitor (in Canon Law); Delegation; Denunciation; De Smet; Devolution; Dimis- sorial Letters.