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“Now Englishman, what do you say?” asked the Nawab. “Does the woman there speak the truth?" You also were with Amyatt. Mind, an Englishman never tells an untruth.”

Foster faithfully told all he knew. Everyone now saw that Dalani was unimpeachable. Taqui’s looks fell. At this moment Chandrashekhar advanced and addressing the Nawab said, “Incarnation of Justice! I am also another witness. This woman’s words are quite true. I am that ascetic.”

“Yes, he is the man, ” said Kulsam when she recognized him.

“Your Highness!” continued Chandrashekhar, “ if this Englishman is truthful, kindly ask him a question or two more.”

The Nawab read Chandrashekhar’s mind and said, “You can ask yourself, the interpreter will explain every thing to him.”

Then Chandrashekhar asked, “You said that you have heard Chandrashekhar’s name. I am that Chandrashekhar. Did you——?”

Before he had finished Foster broke in, “You need not trouble yourself. I am a free man, I am not afraid of death. It depends on me here to answer your questions. I decline to answer them.”

“Let Shaibalini be brought in,” said the Nawab.

Shaibalini came in. At first Foster could not recognise her. She was pale, sickly and lean. She wore a short thread—bare sari, her hair was neglected, her body was smeared with dust and her skin was rough and dry. The hair was dirty and dishevelled, a maniac’s laugh was on her face and the questioning look of madness was in her eyes. Foster shuddered at the sight.

“Do you know her?” asked the Nawab.