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AT night, with only a single female attendant, the queen stood on the public highway and wept.

“What will you do now?” enquired Kulsam.

“Come let us stand under yonder tree,” replied Dalani wiping her tears, “and wait till daybreak.”

“If we allow the night'to dawn upon us here, we are sure to be found out.”

“What is the fear in that? Of what misdeed am I guilty that I shall be afraid?”

“We have stolen out of the palace like thieves. Why we have done it, is best known to you. But just imagine what people will think and the Nawab too.”

“Whatever the Nawab may think, God is my only judge——I care not for other judgment. If the worst comes to the worst, I shall only die. What is the harm?”

“But what earthly purpose will be served by standing here?”

“I shall be caught, and that is why I purpose to stand here. I want to be caught. Where can I be taken to when I am caught?”

“To the Nawab, I suppose.”

“To my lord? That is the place where I want to go. I have nowhere else to go to. Should he order my death, still with my last breath I shall be able to tell him that I am innocent. Rather, let us go to the fort-gate and take our seat there; we shall be caught there all the sooner.”

Just at this moment, both observed with apprehension, the tall figure of a man moving in the darkness towards the Ganges. On this they betook themselves to the foot