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GOES (Hugo van her)

( ? -1482)

15. — The Annunciation. A Diptych

In the right hand compartment, the Virgin in a white robe, seated under a dais, reading in a large book. In the left hand compartment, the angel Gabriel, in a red mantle, with many-coloured wings, is kneeling, holding a stalT in his left hand. A landscape is seen through an open window in each of the compartments. Small whole-length figures.

Each panel, 25 in. by 1412 in. From the Collection of the Marquis Da Foz.

GOLTZIUS (Hendrick)


16. — Portrait of a Gentleman

Turned slightly to the left, looking towards the spectator. Short hair and beard, and thick moustaches. Black dress lined with white fur. and small linen ruff, lie holds with his right hand, placed on a sill in front of him. a medal representing an allegorical female figure. Half-length. Life-size.

Panel, 24 12 in. by 19 1/2in.