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Spirit-Wrestlers' children from the rest, like ears of corn among oats.

Their Teaching.

1. The chief article in the Spirit-Wrestlers' profession of faith is the service and worship of God in the spirit and in the truth.

2. They know no creed, and only say of themselves that they are of the faith of Jesus. The creed which is recognised in our Church, they accept as true in everything, but they regard it as one of the ordinary psalms.

3. They acknowledge God as being in three personifications of the One and Unutterable. They believe that through the memory we assimilate ourselves with God the Father, through the understanding with God the Son, through the will with God the Holy Ghost; also that the first person of the Trinity is the light—the Lord our Father; the second person is the life—the Son our Lord; and the third person is peacs—the Holy Spirit our God.

4. The conception they have of Christ is based on the teaching of the gospel: they acknowledge His coming in the flesh, His works, teaching, and suffering; but chiefly they accept all this in the spiritual sense, and affirm that all contained in the