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Ord. No. 21 of 2001


(a) the names of all candidates who are validly nominated; and
(b) together with the name of each of such candidates, the names of those members of the Election Committee nominating him.

(2) A notice under subsection (1) shall be published within 7 days after the date of the close of nominations.

(3) Copies of the nomination forms of all candidates shall be made available for inspection by the public free of charge during ordinary business hours at the office of the Returning Officer until the result of the election is declared under section 28.

19. Withdrawal of candidature

(1) A candidate may withdraw his candidature at any time before the close of nominations.

(2) The withdrawal of a candidate’s candidature is not effective unless it complies with the EAC Regulations made for the purposes of this section.

(3) A person who is nominated as a candidate shall cease to be regarded as such upon the withdrawal of his candidature.

Election and Polling

20. Disqualification from being elected

(1) If, after the close of nominations but before the close of polling, proof is given to the satisfaction of the Returning Officer that—

(a) a candidate does not satisfy the requirement in section 13(a), (b), (c) or (d);
(b) a candidate falls within any paragraph (except paragraph (h)) of section 14;
(c) a candidate is or has been convicted, within the 5 years before the polling date, in the manner prescribed by subparagraph (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) of section 14(h); or
(d) the nomination of a candidate does not comply with this Ordinance,

the Returning Officer shall, by a public declaration, disqualify the candidate from being elected at the election.

(2) A declaration made under subsection (1) shall be published in the Gazette as soon as practicable after it is made.