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factions of John of Britany, Earl of Richmond, and his niece Mary Countess of Pembroke. It was 300 feet long, 89 feet wide, and 64 feet high. All the columns and the pavement were of marble.[1] This church was completed in 1327, having been twenty-one years in building. It suffered considerable injury from a storm in the year 1343,[2] and was then restored by the king, from regard to the memory of his mother.

  1. Descriptio longitudinis et latitudinis ecclesiæ et altitudinis supradictæ.In primis continet ecclesia in longitudine ccc. pedum de pedibus Sancti Pauli. Item in latitudine iiijxxix. pedum de pedibus Sancti Pauli. Item in altitudine a terra usque ad tectum lxiiij. pedum de pedibus Sancti Pauli. Et ut patet omnes columpnæ et [l. sunt] de marmore et totum pavimentum de marmore. (Register, fol. 325 b.) Malcolm says of the present Christ church that "the pavement is partially composed of coarse red marble, which is evidently part of that of the old church of the Grey Friars." Londinium Redivivum, iii. 345.
  2. A notice of this occurs in the French Chronicle of London, p. 87.