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The Chronicle
of the
Grey Friars of London


Kynge Rychard the Furst surnamed Cure de Lyon was crownyd the iijde daye of September, the yere of our Lorde God Mlclxxxix, the furst yere of hys rayne.

Pi.o. Ao. Thys yere beganne the order of our Lady in Pruce.[1]

And this yere the Jues ware commandyd owte of Ynglonde.

vijo. Ao. In this yere the kynge went in to the holy londe, and toke the citte of Akers, Porth . . . and Babilon, the yere of our lorde God M1clxxxxvj.

viijo. Ao. In this yere was one William with the long berde taken out of Bowe churche and put to dethe for herysey.

ixo. Ao. In this yere beganne the order of the Trenyte.

xo. Ao. In this yere this nobull kynge and great warryar dyssesyd in France comynge homward, by the hurte of a qwarrelle the iijde daye of September; and his harte byrryd at the hye auter at Rome [Rouen], and hys body at Fonteverard.

  1. Called "The order of seynt Tonyes in Pruce," in the Chronicle of London, MS. Harl. 565, edited by Sir Harris Nicolas, 4to. 1827.