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other men. Thys yere also was the grete yerth-qwake. And this yere the qwene Anne, the emperores dowter of Rome, came to Dover, and was crownyd at Westmyster, and weddyd unto the most excellent prince kynge Richard ijde on Fabian and Sebastian daye, and the coronacion on sent Vinsenttes daye followynge.

viijo. Ao. John More was arestyd whyle he was shreffe.

ix°. A°. Thys yere sir Edmonde Langle and sir Thomas Wodstoke ware made duckes, [and sir] Myhyll at Pole [and] sir John Ormonde ware made erles at Westmyster.

xjo. Ao. Thys yere Alexander Nevell archbyshoppe of Yorke, Roberte Vere ducke of Ireland, Myhell Poole erle of Suffoke, Roberte Trevelyan justyce, and Nicolas Breme knyght and alderman of London, ware a peched of treson by sir Thomas ducke of Glociter, Richard erle of Arnedell, and sir Thomas erle of Warwyke; and the foresayd Roberte of Vere chalynched them in the felde and was overcome, and the sayd Myghell, Robert Trevelyan, Nicolas Breme, Thomas Blacke, John Urke clerk, and John Saulsbury knyght, ware drawne and hangyd, and Simond Burle, John Bewchamp, and James Biernes, knyghtes, and others, be heddyd at towre-hyll for treson.

xiijo. Ao. Thys yere was another grete pestelens in Yenglande.

xiiijo. Ao. Thys yere the goodman at the Cooke[1] in Cheppe, at the new condite in Cheppe, was morderd in hys bede by nyght, and the wyffe of the howse brente and three of hys servanttes drawne and hanged at Tyborne for the same dede.

xvo. Ao. Thys yere at Mydsomer, John Hynde [mayor] was dyscharged by the kinges councelle, and [the] shreffes. Edward Deckengton knyghte was made mayor, Edward[2] Maghfelde [and] Thomas Newton shreffes. And in July followyng the sayd mayer was dyschargyd, and for hym was schosyn Baudwyn Radyngton. And at sent Edwardes day was schosyn, as it aperys here followyng, [William Standon mayor and Gilbert Maghfelde and Thomas

  1. Cock ?
  2. This should be Gilbert.