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xijo. Ao. Thys yere there came a cardinelle to London. And menny justes and battelles ware in Smythfelde. And this yere beganne a gret pley from the begynnyng of the worlde at the skynners' welle, that lastyd vij. dayes contynually; and there ware the most parte of the lordes and gentylles of Ynglond.[1] And this yere was a goldsmythe of Fletestret slayne be nyght in the dukes place of York with-owte Tempull barre, and was trowne[2] under the Tempull bregge.

xiijo. Ao. Thys yere was a gret excesseve flode in the Temse. And a gret batte [battle] rose betwene Roberte Glocitre and Arthur Ormesby in Smythfelde. And this yere the lorde Thomas weddyd the countes of Somerset.[3] And this yere came messengeres owte of France from the kynge and the duke of Burgone for to helpe them agaynst the duke of Orlyans; and then went over the erle of Arnedelle and the erle of Kent to helpe the duke of Burgone, and had a jurné, and came home agayne; and that same tyme came messengeres owte of France from the duke of Orlians for to have helpe agayne the duke of Burgayn.

xivo. Ao. Thus yere the xxti day of March, dyde the kynge, and was burryd at Cantorbery.


And kyng Henry the Fifth was crownyd, that was hys sonne, at Westmyster the ixth day of April, the yere of our lorde God Mlcccc xiij.

Pi.o. Ao. Thys yere the lorde Cobhame made a rysynge with many lollars and heryttykes, as Roger Actone and many moo, to the number of xxxvj.; and ware draune and hangyd on a gallows new

  1. Stowe place this great play under the year 1409. See also other chronicles quoted in Collier's Hist. of Dramatic Poetry. i. 19.
  2. thrown.
  3. Thomas Laneaster duke of Clarence and Margaret (Holand) widow of John Beaufort earl of Somerset.