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the same abbreviation used thus—"Acting of plays, &c.,"—indicates matter of the same or a like kind as the matter specified.

The Index is followed by a series of Appendices containing references to various kinds of Acts which have been classed and printed among the Public or Public General Acts, but the contents of which, for various reasons (such as will ordinarily be obvious), it has not been considered desirable to examine and index in detail. Some of these Acts may not be in force. The contents of some of the Appendices given in the former editions have in this edition been transferred by the Editor to the body of the work.

The Statute Law Committee are desirous of receiving suggestions for the improvement of this work. Communications may be addressed to their Secretary, Mr. H. C. Malkin, at the House of Lords. The Committee hope to be able for the future to issue a new edition of this work annually.

January 1878.