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the summer of 1918 and the measurements and tabulation finished soon after. I wish gratefully to acknowledge the courtesy of the editors of the Astrophysical Journal and the Bulletin of the American Geographical Society for permission to use illustrations and extracts from articles of mine which they have published. Plate 9 and figure 31 in the text are from the former journal. Thanks are also extended to Professor Ellsworth Huntington for the use of several text-figures which first appeared in my chapter of his work (1914).


During the course of this investigation the wood and growth of numerous species of trees have been examined with reference to their adaptability to the purposes herein described. The collections visited include several in London, especially one in the South Kensington Museum, fossils in the Jermyn Street Museum, the lumber-yards of Messrs. W. W. Howard Bros. & Company, tree sections and fossils in the geological museum at Berlin, fossils in the lignite beds of Grube Ilsa near Dresden, and fossils chiefly in Munich and Vienna. In

Table 1.List of trees in the Jessup collection whose rings were counted.
Scientific name. Common name. Locality. Approximate center, A. D. Possible periods. Quality of ring sequence.
Pinus torreyana Torrey pine San Diego, Cal 1790 11 years
Pinus radiata Monterey pine Monterey, Cal 1855 22 years
Pinus monticola Western white pine Oregon 1641 11 years; Brückner
Pinus strobiformis Mexican white pine Southern Arizona 1706 22 years
Pinus strobus White pine Nova Scotia 1740? 22 years; Brückner Fair
Pinus tæda Loblolly pine Florida 1731
Pinus echinata Short-leaved pine Missouri 1650
Tsuga heterophylla Western hemlock Canada northwest coast 1700 Uncertain
Tsuga caroliniana Carolina hemlock Carolina 1697 Poor. 22yr.; Brückner Good
Tsuga canadensis Canadian hemlock Nova Scotia 1525 11 years; Brückner Good
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Bigcone fir Southern California 1480? 11 years Good
Pseudotsuga mucronata Douglas fir Oregon 1315 11 years Good
Picea sitchensis Tideland spruce Northwest coast 1798 Very good
Picea rubens Red spruce Nova Scotia 1610
Sequoia gigantea Bigtree California 550 Brückner Good
Taxodium distichum Bald cypress Florida 1670?
Cupressus macnabiana Macnab cypress Northern California 1760 Very good
Toxylon pomiferum Osage orange Southern Arkansas 1765 Fair
Ulmus fulva Slippery elm Missouri 1770 20 years