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He found, the last all studded with great Garnets
And shapen like a Fish.

Then tiptoe up he stole into a Chamber,
Where on Tasselled Pillows lay
Robin and his Dame in dreaming slumber,
Tired with the summer's day.

That Thief he mimbled round him in the gloaming,
Their Treasures for to spy.
Combs, Brooches, Chains, and Rings, and Pins and Buckles
All higgledy piggle-dy.

A Watch shaped in the shape of a flat Apple
In purest Crystal set.
He lifted from the hook where it was ticking
And crammed in his Pochette.

He heaped the pretty Baubles on the table,
Trinkets, Knick-knackerie,
Pearls, Diamonds, Sapphires, Topazes, and Opals —
All in his bag put he.

And there in night's pale gloom was Robin dreaming
He was hunting the mountain Bear,
While his Dame in peaceful slumber in no wise heeded
A greedy Thief was there.