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��Words by Ed. Harrigan.





��Music by Date Buahai





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��r ±*=f=*


��1. The ma-ny liap-py eve - nings I spent, when but a lad, On Pad - ily Duf- fy's lumber cart, quite

2. We'dgather in the eve - ning, all lion -eat working boys, And get on Pad - dy Duffy's cart, f c r

3. Oh, a iner - ry lit -tie maid - en, so nob- by, neat and coy, A sniil-ing up at Duffy's cart up-



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��* *


��safe a - way from dad ; It stood down on the cor - ner, noone marr'd our joys; All seat-ed in the moon - light, on hersweet-licart boy ; It made a je:il-ous feel - ing, a


��near the old lamp-light. You should see the eongre- laugh-ing 'mid its rays. Oh, I love to talk of qui - et piece of chaff; But all in play it

��^S p^^^^^^



�� ���Pfptf

���rt'<. _







��ga-tion there on ev' - ry sum-mer night. old New York, and of my boy - isli days, died a -way and end -ed with a laugh.

��Oil, there was Tom-my Dub - son, Oh, there was Hen-ry (ilea - son, Oh, there was Lar - ry Thorn - son

��now a sen - a - now a mil - lion - was a chum of







��a tempo.


��p ^fy^ a


���tor; Bil - ly Flyn and Johnny Glyn, oh, they were killed in war:

aire: Cur-ly Bob and Whit-ey Bob.they're living on the air:

mine ; Lem my Freer and Sand -y Greer, they died in for - ty - nine :

��All mer - ry boy - ish All mer-ry boy ish All mer-ry boy - ish

��La ,







��'*=£—?— 1=\


��Cop,, ', b iw, mdccclxxxi, by Wm. A. Fond & Co.

��Used >r permission

�� �