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��PADDY DUFFY'S CART, um-ber- rel-las um-ber-ral-las.


�� ��:P=P^




��Lit-tle Fraud,


��Lit-tle Fraud,


��Oh.the dain-ti - est darling of all.

��=j M


��P— P^pe



��^ — *-*


��P- — P




��� ��5^




��^mmmwm ^f^^^





��Arr. by F. Louis



Words and Music by Jab. A. Bland.


��E S fe^UJ

��1. Oil, my gold - en slippers am laid a - way, Kase I

2. Oh, my ole ban - jo bangs on de wall, Kase it

3. So, it's good bye, children, I will have to go, Whar de

���l=^=J^ U t- ft-^- FE==fr



��-N— f— pt





��*— *

��-p — P-



��don't 'spect to wear 'em till my wed - din' day, And my long-tail'd coat, dat I loved so well, I will aint been tuned since way last fall, But de darks all say we will hab a good time.Wben we rain don't fall or de wind don't blow, And yer uls - ter coats.why, yer will not need, When yer


��-- 1 -*-






��Copyright, xucvvlxxix, by !uii» V. >'u» * Co.

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