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��English Words by S. E. R. & J. F. Tempo di Valse.

��Piano Acc't by Th. Boettge*.



��■0 — +—p-




��frjtifr - hfr-fc- fr I*. *

��U I I









��"X X


��1 In Lau - ter-bach hab'

2. In Eau • ter-bach hab'

3. In Lau - ter-bach hab'

4. Bin alle mein Leb -tag

��-*— *-

��i mein'n Strump ver - lo - ren Und oh - ne Strump geh' i nit

i mein Schuh-erl ver - tanzt Ohn' Scliuh- erl geh' i nit nach

i mein Her - zel ver - lor'n Ohn' Her - zel da geh' I nit

nit trau - rig - ge - west Und bin a zuni Trau -em zu


��« ~. m




��iny I lost, With - out

off my shoes, Without shoes

I've lost. With - out

er felt sad, Andforgriev



��1. At Lau - ter- bach late - !y my stock

2. At Lau - ter- bach I danced the soles

3. At Lau - ter- bach late - ly my heart

4. In all my life - time I have nev -

��it I

I can't

it I feel quite a ■

ing my years are too

��can • not go en - ter my

���hiim, Haus, heim,

��Drum geh' i erst wie - der naeh Lau - ter-bach rein

Da steig' ich dem Schus- ter zum Fen- ster- hin - ein

Drum geh' i erst wie - der nach Lau - ter-bach rein

Hab im - mer die Jung - en recht ger - ne ge - seh'n





















��home; house; lone; few;


��- *




So Hence

��get I I

��me an ■ oth climb the cob must now re

��er at Lau

bier's win • turn to Lau

��ter - bach,

dow at once,

ter - bach,

��To - mor - row I

To take new ones for my.

To get me a

��Have al

��ways loved

��to flirt with the lads, With big and with


��^'-X—i f ~ : X— 1 ^=^



��■+ *-

��Sr ±= 3P^r


��-**- s *



��x x -^i-x— *-

��X X -


��X — X-^X— -X

��r x-x-

��Copyright, hoccclxx. by O. Axdbe 4 Co.

�� �