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��i£= ^>->-j_s


��• \ k -x — J* fr k




��■*— *

��whole bless • ed night, Faith,they couldn't stand up on their pins, Such an il • le - gant time at the




��* *



��^ 6 * ' L* — M — a» — 1^— t* ' — ' » '• ■

�� ��christenin' we had, Of Mc-Sorley 's most beauti -f ul twins.

���3 Whin the christenin' was over the company begun,

Wid good whiskey to fill up their shkins; And the neighbors kern in just to wish a good luck

To McSorley's most beautiful twins. Whin ould Mrs. Mullins had drank all her punch,

Faith, her legs wouldn't howld her at all ; She fell flat on her shtomach on top av the twins,

And they sot up a murtherin' shquall.

��Thin Mrs. McSorley jumped up in a rage,

And she threatened Mi68 Mullinses' life ; Says ould Denny Mullins, "I'll bate the firsht man

That'd dar lay a hand an me wife! " | grudge, The McOanns and the Geoghans, they had an ould

And Mag Murphy pitched into the Flynns ; They fought like the divil, turned over the bed,

And they shmothered the poor little twins.





��~ P

�� ��Fine.



��1. Oh,

��Jun - ior ! Oh, Jun - ior ! Poor


��boy ! Oh, see



��him sink -ingdown!

I* $ N ~









��His Ma 2. Once I

��was a

��Ann mour

��lias ner



��ed like

��him, him,


��That's And

��why I

��he's was

��sink • sink .





��^^J^^ SEEgJF^ff^ fl

��ing mg

��down ; down :

��She smiles up - on a sopho-more slim, That's why I mourned and mourned till I got through, All thro'






��he's sink - ing with sink - ing

��down, down.



��3 Oh, bless you. Junior ! you won't die 1 Just keep on sinking down,

You'll come to hard pan by and by, Keep right on sinking down.

Oh, Junior! poor old boy ! etc.

��4 Oh, Junior! take him up and lay him down! For I'm the soph'more slim For whom the prettiest girl in town

Cru-el-ly jilted him. Oh, Junior ! poor old boy ! etc.

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