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��1. I wish I was in Bos - ton ci - ty,Where all the girls they

2. I wish I was on yon - der hill. For there I'd sit and

3. I wish I was a mar - ried man, And had a wife whose









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��are so pret-ty, If I did -n't have a time 'twould be a pi - ty, Pis cum bibble lol -la boo, slow reel.

cry my fill, And ev - 'ry drop should turn a mill, Dis cum bibble lol - la boo, slow reel.

name was Fan, I'd sing her a song on this same plan, Dis rum bibble lol -la boo, slow reel.

���:&• Am.

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��Shool.slinol.shool I rool.Shool I sliag-arack,shoola-barb-a-cool,Tlie first time 1 saw psil-ly bal - )y eel.Dis cum blb-ble lol-la boo, slow iee4. Second.


��Shool.sliool.shool I rool.Shool I shag-arack.shoolabarb-a-eool.Ttie first time I saw psil-ly bal - ly Kl, Dis cum blb-ble lol-la boo^low reeL Biss.

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