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��Andante, mf



��J . U J * fc »

��Oh/twas there I larned ra- din' an* wri-tin,' At Billy Brackett's where I wint to school; . . . And 'twas

me we had nion-y a scrimmage, An' div-il a cop-y I wrote; . . . There was

2. Oh.'twas there that I larned all mecourt-in 0' thelissnns I tuckin the art 1 Till

Con-nor, she lived jist for-ninst me An' tinder line? to her I wrote;. . . If ye



��-H— al-



��t *





��r r



��-p — p-






��there I larned howlin* and figh-tin' Wid ine schoolmasther, Mia-ter 0' Toole, Iliman'

ne'er a g09-soon in the vil ■ lage Dared thread on the tail o' my —

Cu - pid, the blackguard.while sportin' An at • row dhruv straight through me heart. MissJudyO'

dare say wan hard word i gin her, I'll thread on the tail o' yer —







��g^F^Pfw ^ 3 ^

��i— -p

��r j i



��d d


��4 44




��3 — y^J




��IB B

Mu9h,mush,mush, tu • ral - i • ad • dy ! Sing,mush,mush,mush,tu - ral - i - a I . . .

��There wa» If ye


��-i — i-


��„ I I




��-» d

��-d d-



��* * ** *

��3 ~ r -p — " j r r ■ ir r =^p


��-p — p-


��ne'er a gos - soon in the vil ■ lage Dared thread on the tail o' me coat I dare say wan hard word a - gin her, I'll 'thread on the tail 0' yer coat I



��But a blackguard, called Micky Maloney, Came an' sthole her affictions away ; 1'ur he'd money an' I hadn't ony So I sint him a challenge nixt day. In the A. M. we met at Killarney, The Shannon we crossed in a boat; An' 1 lathered him wid me shillaly, Fur he throd on the tail o' me — Cho.

Copyright. 1880, by Wn.

��4. Oh, me fame wint abroad through the nation, An' folks came a-fiockin' to see ; An' they cried out, widnut hesitation: "You're a fightin' man, Billy McGee!" Oh, I've claned out the Finnigan faction, An' I've licked all the Murphy s afloat; If you're in fur a row or a raction, Jist ye thread on the tail 0' my — Cho. Used by j>ernaission.

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