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��Andante. <nrf





��--N P-

��1. Fair Harvard ! thy sons to thy ju - bi - lee throng, And with bless - ings sur- ren-

2. To thy bowers we were led in the bloom of our youth, From the home of our in

��dcr thee fan - tile



��■4 - v * *




��� ��-*- -#•

��-#- -#-









��*-=— « — ^ — •-

��5 1

��o'er, By these fes - ti - val rites, from the age that is past, To the age that is wait - ing be -

years, When our fathers had warned.and our moth-ers had prayed, And our sis- ters had blest, thro' their

���$. — N-



��fore. O rel - ic and type of our an - ces-tor's worth.That has long kept their mem- o - ry

tears; Thou then wert our pa- rent, the nurse of our souls, We were mould- ed to man- hood by



��1/ ' I



���-FN «— P, P.

-4-T-Ji 1 1-

  1. — *— • — 0-


��F= r P=




��warm, First flow'r of their wil- der- ness! star of tbeir night.Calm rising thro' change and thro' storm 1 thee, Till freightedwiih treasure-tho'ts fricndships.andhopes.Thou did'st launch us onDes ti - ny's sea.

�� ��When, as pilgrims, we come to revisit thy halls,

To what kindlings the season gives birth ! Thy shades are more soothing, thy sunlight more dear,

Than descend on less privileged eartli ; For the good and the great, in their beautiful prime,

Through thy precincts have musingly trod ; As they girded their spirits or deepened the streamt

That make glad the fair city of God.

��4 Farewell ! be thy destinies onward and bright I

To thy children the lesson still give, With freedom to think, and with patience to bear,

And for right ever bravely to live. Let not moss-covered error moor thee at its side.

As the world on truth's current glides by ; Be the herald of light, and the bearer of love.

Till the stock of the Puritans die.

�� �