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Pinocchio mourns the death of the beauti-
          ful Child with the blue hair. He then
          meets with a pigeon who flies with him to
          the seashore, and there he throws him-
          self into the water to go to the assistance
          of his father Geppetto.

As soon as Pinocchio was released from the heavy and humiliating weight of the dog-collar he started off across the fields, and never stopped until he had reached the high road that led to the Fairy's house. There he turned and looked down into the plain beneath. He could see distinctly with his naked eye the wood where he had been so unfortunate as to meet with the Fox and the Cat; he could see amongst the trees the top of the Big Oak to which he had been hung; but although he looked in every direction, the little house belonging to the beautiful Child with the blue hair was nowhere visible.