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'All boys,' replied Geppetto, 'when they are bent upon obtaining something, say the same thing.'

'I promise you that I will go to school, and that I will study and earn a good character.'

'All boys, when they are bent on obtaining something, repeat the same story.'

'But I am not like other boys! I am better than all of them and I always speak the truth. I promise you, papa, that I will learn a trade, and that I will be the consolation and the staff of your old age.'

Geppetto, although he put on a severe face, had his eyes full of tears and his heart big with sorrow at seeing his poor Pinocchio in such a pitiable state. He did not say another word, but taking his tools and two small pieces of well-seasoned wood he set to work with great diligence.

In less than an hour the feet were finished: two little feet—swift, well-knit, and nervous. They might have been modelled by an artist of genius.

Geppetto then said to the puppet:

'Shut your eyes and go to sleep!'

And Pinocchio shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

And whilst he pretended to sleep, Geppetto, with a little glue which he had melted in an egg-shell, fastened his feet in their place, and it was so well done that not even a