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'What is that building?' asked Pinocchio, turning to a little boy who belonged to the place.

'Read the placard—it is all written—and then you will know.'

'I would read it willingly, but it so happens that to-day I don't know how to read.'

'Bravo, blockhead! Then I will read it to you. The writing on that placard in those letters red as fire is:


'Has the play begun long?'

'It is beginning now.'

'How much does it cost to go in?'


Pinocchio, who was in a fever of curiosity, lost all control of himself, and without any shame he said to the little boy to whom he was talking:

'Would you lend me twopence until to-morrow?'

'I would lend them to you willingly,' said the other, taking him off, 'but it so happens that to-day I cannot give them to you.'

'I will sell you my jacket for twopence,' the puppet then said to him.

'What do you think that I could do with a jacket of flowered paper? If there was rain and it got wet, it would be impossible to get it off my back.'