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Soc. (from within). Hollo you! what are you doing, pray, you fellow on the roof?

Strep. I am walking on air, and speculating about the sun.

Soc. Ah me, unhappy![1] I shall be suffocated, wretched man!

Chær. And I, miserable man, shall be burnt to death!

Streps. For what has come into your heads that you acted insolently towards the gods, and pried into the seat of the moon? Chase, pelt, smite them, for many reasons, but espe- cially because you know that they offended against the gods! [The thinking-shop is burned down.]

Cho. Lead the way out; for we have sufficiently acted as chorus for to-day.[2] [Exeunt omnes.]

  1. See Süvern, Clouds, p. 108.
  2. "Lead out, and conclude the redoubtable play;
    We have chanted and caper'd enough for to-day." Walsh.

    See Hermann, Vig. App. p. 710.