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careful first correction of proofs, undertaken by Dr. Chamizer, the director of the printing house of W. Drugulin.

The abbreviations which I have adopted are for the most part clear enough in themselves. Besides those which have already been mentioned as indicating the three Texts of the Gospels, viz. P. C. and S. the following perhaps should be noticed:—

Addai = The Doctrine of Addai, The Apostle (ed. by G. Phillips).

Aphr. = The Homilies of Aphraates (ed. by W. Wright).

Anc. Doc. = Ancient Syriac Documents (collected and edited by W. Cureton, with a preface by W. Wright).

Apost. Apocr. = Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles. Vol. I (ed. by W. Wright).

Barh. = Barhebraeus.

Ephr. = S. Ephraem Syri Opera (Roman edition).

Ephr. Nis. = S. Ephraemi Syri Carmina Nisibena (ed. by G. Bickell).

Isaac = Isaaci Antiocheni Opera (ed. by G. Bickell).

Jac. Ed. = Jacob of Edessa.

Jac. Sar. = Jacob of Sarūg.

John Eph. = The Third Part of the Ecclesiastical History of John, Bishop of Ephesus (ed. by W. Cureton).

Joseph = Histoire complète de Joseph, par St. Ephraem[?] ed. by Paul Bedjan, 2. ed. Paris 1891).

Jos. Styl. = The Chronicle of Joshua, The Stylite (ed. by W. Wright), [wrongly attributed to Joshua.]

Jul. = Julianos der Abtrünnige (ed. by J. G. E. Hoffmann).

Land = Anecdota Syriaca (ed. by J. P. N. Land).

Mart. = Acta Martyrum Orientalium et Occidentalium (ed by Steph. Ev. Assemanus).

Moes. = Monumenta Syriaca ex Rom. codd. Collecta (ed. by G. Moesinger).

Ov. = S. Ephraemi Syri, Rabulae Episcopi Edesseni, Balaei Aliorumque Opera Selecta (ed. by J. Jos. Overbeck).