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(b) (whether or not that computer output is still in existence) by the production of a copy of that output, or of the material part of it,

authenticated in such manner as the court may approve.

Powers of police officer to investigate and require assistance

14. In connection with the exercise of his powers of investigations under the Criminal Procedure Code (Cap. 68), a police officer—

(a) shall be entitled at any time to have access to, and inspect and check the operation of, any computer and any associated apparatus or material which he has reasonable cause to suspect is or has been in use in connection with any offence under this Act; and
(b) may require—
(i) the person by whom or on whose behalf the police officer has reasonable cause to suspect the computer is or has been so used; or
(ii) any person having charge of, or otherwise concerned with the operation of, the computer, apparatus or material,

to provide him with such reasonable assistance as he may require for the purposes of paragraph (a).

Arrest by police without warrant

15. Any police officer may arrest without warrant any person reasonably suspected of committing an offence under this Act.