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the Praeſident of WALES
at Ludlow, 1634.
The firſt Scene diſcovers a wild wood.
The attendant Spirit deſcends or enters.
BEfore the ſtarrie threſhold of Ioves Court My manſion is , where thoſe immortall ſhapes Of bright aẽreall Spirits live inſphear'd In Regions mild of calme and ſerene aire, Above the ſmoake and ſtirre of this dim ſpot Which men call Earth, and with low-thoughted care Confin'd, and peſter'd in this pin-fold here, Strive to keepe up a fraile, and feaveriſh being Vnmindfull of the crowne that Vertue gives After this mortall change to her true Servants Amongſt the enthron'd gods on Sainted feats. Yet ſome there be that by due ſteps aſpire B To