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TEXAS was several months behind some other States of the South in the preparation to do her part in the war. This was due to two causes: First, a course of political events that placed the chief executive of the State in opposition to the will of the mass of the people in regard to the right and policy of immediate State action; second, being a frontier State, she had first to expel from her borders a large body of Federal troops.

These causes which delayed Texas demanded that the first efforts of the people should be made for their removal, and therefore it was near the ist of June, 1861, before attention could be given to raising troops for the Confederate service. It is due to the people of Texas that these embarrassments should be explained in the history of the war.

There was no record of the organization of the Texas troops kept in the executive offices of the State, and hence, in writing this history, the principal sources of in formation were found in the war department at Washing ton, as follows: 1. A list of " Texas Regiments and Battalions in the Confederate Service from 1861 to 1865," from published records. 2. "The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, published by the secretary of war. 3. A statement from the war department of Texas troops in service and in battles in other Southern States.

In none of these, however, are stated the original or ganization of the commands, or the changes of the field officers by promotion or otherwise. These had to be obtained, when practicable, from other sources. Much in-