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youth of Texas and Arkansas who, filled with enthusiastic devotion, hastened to arm themselves for the defense of their respective States. It was composed of Major McCray's battalion of Arkansas infantry; the Tenth regiment of Texas cavalry, Colonel Locke; the Eleventh Texas cavalry, Colonel Young; Lieutenant-Colonel Crump's battalion of Texas cavalry and Captain Good's battery of artillery. These cavalry commands had all been dismounted and were serving as infantry. Shortly after the battle of Shiloh this fine brigade was ordered to Corinth with other troops of the army of the West under Van Dorn. They reached that place about May 2, 1862. Beauregard's 30,000 men were increased by large bodies of reinforcements until his army numbered 80,000. Corinth and its neighborhood proved very unhealthy. In a short while sickness arising from the pestilential air and unwholesome water reduced Beauregard's force to 53,000 effectives. Among the victims on whom disease laid its strong grasp was the gallant General Hogg. On May 16, 1862, his career was cut short by death, and the country was deprived of his valuable services.