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CHAPTER VII. Francis R. Lubbock, Governor—His Message Recommends Appropriation for Raising Troops—Reorganization of the Militia—Military Board Created—Hospital Fund—County Court to Levy Taxes—Effort to Have a Northeast Sub-District—Brig.-Gen. H. E. McCulloch Assumes Command in It—Difficulty of Raising Infantry—Cavalry Easily Raised—A Number of Infantry Regiments Sent to Arkansas and Form a Division—Capture of Arkansas Post—Regiment Sent to Indian Territory—Battle at Poison Spring—Troops Sent to Mississippi and Tennessee—Regiments and Battalions Retained in Texas—State Troops—Martial Law—Conscription—Troops for Rio Grande


CHAPTER VIII. Frontier Protection—Galveston Shelled—Conscription—Evacuation of Sabine Pass—Yellow Fever—Evacuation of Galveston, October, 1862—Defense of Port Lavaca


CHAPTER IX. Military Condition Explained—General Magruder Assumes Command of the District of Texas—The Battle of Galveston—Signal Defeat of the Enemy


CHAPTER X. A Famous Naval Exploit—Capture of Federal Vessels off Sabine Pass—A Lady s Description—Engagement at Lighthouse, Sabine Pass—Defense of St. Joseph's Island


CHAPTER XI. Movement of Troops from Arkansas to Northern Louisiana—The Engagements There—Gen. E. Kirby Smith Assumes Command of the Trans-Mississippi Department—Headquarters Moved to Shreveport—Mails Superintended by Dr. J. H. Starr—Sabine Pass—Federal Preparations to Capture It—Splendid Naval Battle in its Defense


CHAPTER XII. Home Supplies by Home Industry—The Collection of Army Supplies—Salt Manufacture—Iron Works—Penitentiary Cloth—Its Distribution—A New Military Board—Purchase and Importation of Cotton—Gunshops and Armory—Large Prison Camp near Tyler—Operations of Military Board—Disposition of Hospital Fund


CHAPTER XIII. Fort Brown Evacuated—General Banks' Expedition on the Texas Coast—Occupation of Corpus Christi and Other Ports—Departure of Banks—August Election, 1863—Military and Other Operations Continued—Frontier Protection—Expedition Against the Federals on the Rio Grande—"The Last Battle of the War"


CHAPTER XIV. Texas Troops in Service in Other Southern States—The Battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg and Chickamauga—Texas Troops in Louisiana and Arkansas—Engagements at Camp Bisland, Berwick's Bay, Fordoche, Bayou Bourbeau, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, and Jenkins' Ferry


CHAPTER XV. Texas Troops in Arkansas and Louisiana Move Southward—Changes and Promotions—No More Battles—Camp Grice—News of the Surrender of Gen. R. E. Lee—Gens. Kirby Smith, Magruder, and Forney Address the Soldiers—The "Break Up" and Travel Home—Surrender—Its Terms—Texas Generals and Colonels—Albert Sidney Johnston a Texas Officer