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our ports, there were no large rivers nor long railroads that would enable the enemy to penetrate the interior of the country. Texas, therefore, needed only such military force as could furnish protection against Indian depredations, and expel from our ports any portion of the enemy that might force an entrance into them.

There were a number of regiments, battalions and companies of artillery that were retained in Texas mostly, and some of them were ordered to different points where their services were needed, so that but few of them, except the artillery, were permanently located during the war. They were as follows: Twenty-first infantry, A. W. Spaight, colonel; W. H. Griffin, lieutenant-colonel; T. C. Reynolds, major. Twentieth infantry, Henry M. Elmore, colonel; L. A. Abercrombie, lieutenant-colonel; R. E. Bell, major. Eighth infantry, A. M. Hobby, colonel; Daniel Shea, lieutenant-colonel; John Ireland, major. Thirty-fifth cavalry regiment, R. R. Brown, colonel; S. W. Perkins, lieutenant-colonel; L. C. Rountree, major. Twenty-third cavalry regiment, N. C. Gould, colonel; J. A. Grant, lieutenant-colonel; J. A. Corley, major. Thirtieth cavalry regiment, E. J. Gurley, colonel; N. W. Battle, lieutenant-colonel; J. H. Davenport, major. T. C. Anderson's cavalry regiment, formed from J. P. Border's and Fulcrod's battalions. Man's cavalry regiment, W. L. Mann, colonel; W. F. Upton, lieutenant-colonel; J. E. Oliver, major. Terrell's cavalry regiment, A. W. Terrell, colonel; Jno. C. Robertson, lieutenant-colonel; H. S. Morgan, major. McCord's cavalry frontier regiment, J. E. McCord, colonel; J. B. Barry, lieutenant-colonel; W. H. Alexander, major. Cavalry battalions, Duff's, Morgan's, Daly's, Saufley's, Ragsdale's. Second infantry battalion, Col. C. L. Pyron, ten companies of cavalry. Thirty-fifth cavalry regiment, Jas. B. Likens, colonel; J. R. Burns, lieutenant-colonel; W. A. Wortham, major. Thirty-sixth cavalry regiment, P. C. Woods, colonel; Nat